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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day
Januaray 1, 2007

Paulie and I got up around 8 and showered. The sun is shining but it is a bit cool...temp will only get to the mid 70's today. Sounds good to me. After making my protein shake (hey it's the New Year, I need to start off on the right if I can only bring myself to swallow all those vites!) I think I feel the new front coming in that will be bringing in some rain...I am really feeling exhausted. After drinking my protein, I passed on coffee and headed back to bed. I actually slept the whole day away! Some start to the New Year! I finally crawled out about 3. What a waste of a beautiful day. I had some crackers and cottage cheese as my head was pounding due to not eating all day. Paulie is making a nice dinner for us to celebrate...steak, augratin potatoes, salad and roasted peppers and onions. Sounds wonderful. Grandpa is in the recliner dozing. We watch the skating special, me on the couch, Paulie in the front seat. Soon I am asleep again! What is going on here?

Well, dinner's ready, I will post more later...

from the exciting Rio Grande Valley....


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