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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sunday December 31, 2006

New Years Eve

We all sleep in...I was awake at 8 so I turned on Sunday Morning on CBS one of my favorite shows. After we get up and make the beds, Paul makes us breakfast of french toast and sausage. He adds vanilla and cinnamon(just like I showed him how...) so the french toast was quite tasty. We clean up the rig while grandpa goes to sit outside with Uncle Ben. The sun is shining and there is a beautiful blue sky. Perfect weather. It is supposed to be in the mid-70's.

I get dressed and we head out to check out some of the RV resorts in the area. First stop was Victoria Palms. It is really a beautiful park. There are lots of small park models and single wides in the first section of the park. As we meander thru, we find the seasonal sites for RVs. They are ok, a bit close together for my taste. We go into the next section which has double wides and larger single wides. We stopped at a few new units that have been placed throughout the area. Then we spot a for sale by owner sign with a open house sign. OK, we decide to look. It is a very nice wider single wide with two bedrooms and two baths. The couple that owns it is building a house in Edinburg. He is quite a handyman and had done a ton of updating on the unit. They also had just put on a screened in porch and a "Texas" room. Very nice. New linoleum floors, custom kitchen cabinets(wood not laminate), and ceiling fans in each room including the screen porch. Grandpa was sold. He was ready to get out his checkbook. Good thing Paul has hidden it! We talked to the owners for a while and they told us about all the updates that they had done including all new piping and new airconditioner. Looks like a great deal. Lot rent is $350 but that includes cable TV and internet (thats over $150 we spend right there!)

We say our goodbyes and go on to the next park, Alamo Palms which is a sister park to Victoria. It is a much much older park, and the units are a bit on the shabby side. The landscaping is not nearly as nice and it just looks old and worn. We don't stay long. We stop for a quick burger as it is now almost 1:30. We head over to Mercedes to see Llano Grande which is a golf resort. We are surely not impressed when we first the previous place the first section is old and the units small and close together. The landscaping is ok, but non-descript. These lots and units are owner owned where at Victoria, the owner owns the mobile but rents the lot. We go into the newer sections and are quite impressed. Nice large lots, lots of fruit and palm trees. We look at several set-up new units. They are beautiful. The lots in the new section are $35,000, a bit steep. The models are very pricey...$99,000 to $104,000. For a manufactured home. Nope. Not for me. They were beautiful tthough, and one can pretend right?

Back at the rig Paul and grandpa go to happy hour while I lay down for a while. Paul woke me up for dinner and Uncle Ben is joining us. He is still uncomfortable with the brace he has to wear. We had manicotti with the leftover sauce from the other night. Not bad, but not a bell ringer either. After dinner Ben went home and we settled in to watch the Bears last game before the playoffs. We should have skipped it. Da' Bears suck the big one tonight that's for sure. Of course, with the announcers it should be called "The Bret Farve Salute Show" for chrissakes. I can't believe how bad the Bears are and the playoffs are here. *Sigh*.

Well, it is almost ten and I am trying to decide if I am going to even try to ring in the New Year. We didn't even have a cocktail! Well, the boys did earlier and I think Paulie is nursing a Bloody Mary. It is beautiful sleeping weather here at the fifties and sixties. Perfect.

Happy New Year to everyone...



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