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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday December 13, 2006

Grandpa had a doc's appointment to have his blood drawn, so we were up and showering earlier than normal. We are expecting another beautiful day here in Livingston Texas.

By the time grandpa was done at the doc's it was lunch time. We headed off to find the dentist's office. Paul had made an appointment with a local dentist...he broke a molar chewing on ice last night. Foolish man. The number two tooth breaker is chewing ice...the number one for breaking teeth is eating popcorn...yep, that buttery delicious treat eaten in the darkness of the movie theater is responsible for the most broken teeth according to the ADA. It's those unseen maryjanes that get ya. There you are enjoying that fake butter covered delight and you crunch down on an unpopped kernal. So....there's at least $900 for for the fix, usually a crown to fix the tooth and maybe even a root canal thrown in for spite. I keep telling Paulie to wait until we get to the Rio Grande Valley, he can go down to Mexico and have it done really cheap. I wonder why he just ignores me sometimes....think he's afraid to see a Mexican dentist?

We stopped for lunch at Whataburger...everyone on the Grads list I belong to (the gastric bypass grads list) rave about this place. Well...I for one remain in the dark as to the appeal. Ick. I'd rather eat cottage cheese and saltines. We did have a chance to talk to some other SKiPs who happened to be eating lunch there, and even our neighbors (Gibby and his wife) showed up. They have been getting stuff done to become Texans and had to have both their 5th wheel and truck inspected before getting plates and such. I can't wait until it's our turn to do this! I am still having issues with becoming a resident of Texas...I just get sick and tired of Texans acting like the world revolves around this state. Hmmm, better change my attitude or I'll get my butt kicked by some old Texas mamasita who has an attitude about beautiful blondes....heh, heh, heh.

After lunch Paulie takes grandpa and me back to the rig and off he goes to the dentist and to take back the Radio Shack thingy we purchased to fine tune the satellite signal. No need for that now. It is warm and not a cloud in the sky this afternoon. The breeze is still cool, but wow, it's beautiful for December.

I fall asleep in the chair and wake up with a crick in my neck. Grandpa is off walking the dog so I go lay down in the rig. The crick turns into a headache so before I laid down I took some tylenol.

Paul gets back from the SKiPs announcements and we start making dinner. We will be getting rid of what's left in the fridge tomorrow as the rig will be in storage for a whole week without eletricity. One of the ladies I met this afternoon, Roma, offered some freezer space as they have a home here in Rainbow's End. I would have hate to throw out the two pounds of butter we had salvaged from the freezer at home. I hate wasting good food stuff. We cleaned out the garage fridge and the freezer and turned them both off. When Zack gets home after Christmas he can dump the rest of the fridge in our kitchen and turn it off also. No use trying to salvage anything since we don't have a clue how long the electric was off. If we don't get home until March most of the stuff we did manage to keep will be out of date anyways.

Tomorrow, Paulie and I will do laundry, and clean the rig really well. We need to find a room for Zack...gee, even in this little town it will run $67 a night. Well, we just have to bite the bullet...he doesn't fit in our rig's shower and he will need to bathe.

Well, the tv reception still sucks where we are so TV tonight will be terrible. Not much but reruns on now anyways so we won't miss too much. I finally pulled out my knitting...I have two pairs of socks and a baby hat on the needles, not to mention the purple sweater I had started over the summer for Red Hats. I don't know why but its been quite a while since I got involved in anything harder than a dishcloth.



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