The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday December 14, 2006

Ok, you know its coming. A spout off. All the stuff I have put up with over the last three weeks or so is just brimming and I am gonna explode. All the stupid little irritants that I just let go over the course of a day are screaming to be addressed. The load of grey beard hairs I find in the sink each and every morning...constantly having to deal with flatulance, from not one but two males...., bags of cough drops laying around, medicine bottles everywhere, and jackets that never get hung (who wears slippers? Guess).The list goes on and on. I suppose the weather has had a lot to do with it. Since the sun has arrived with some warmer temperatures we are not in the rig as much, so I don't see the clutter so it obviously doesn't bother me. Why do I get irrated when I see bags of cough drops laying around? Because instead of one or two bags, there are TEN. Its like the store will never GET cough drops again, so they had to buy everyone the store had. This rig is just too small to let clutter get out of control so everything has to have a place and be IN it's place after it's been used. *sigh* Thats all I am gonna say. Things may get written that can't be erased and then I will be in the dog house, again. I surely do things that irritate them. Well, I can't imagine anything off the top of my head. Someone hasn't taken a shower in over a week. This same someone spent an hour putting his pills in the travel bag then had to take them all out this morning to take the damm things. This someone can't understand why we don't have luggage tags for the suitcases...because we didn't GET any NCL tags from the cruise line OK? We will get them when we arrive at the dock OK? Drop it already. OK 'nough said.

We will clean the rig this afternoon, double check out luggage for the cruise and dump the food that is leftover. I hate coming home to a dirty house and its the same with my house on wheels. I am excited about the cruise...looking forward to Paul and I having some alone time as grandpa and Zack will be bunking together. Paul is doing laundry, and once everything is in the dryer, I will go back with him and help fold the clean clothes. The guys will prolly play poker again tonight so I guess I will go with and watch tv at the care least they have cable and I may be able to catch up on my soaps on Soapnet.



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