The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tuesday continued...

Grandpa and I went to have lunch around noon. Paulie was serving up the Spanish rice. There seemed to be a nice crowd for the meal. The casserole was ok, the salad was good, the rice so-s0 and the dessert was ick. After lunch we went back to the rig, pulled out some chairs and sat in the sunshine. It was warm and beautiful. Finally folks were emerging from their homes on wheels to greet the sun and catch up on chores. It has been raining for a few days and quite nasty so this is a great relief. About ten til one we headed back to see if Paul was done with his serving chores, but he was still working so grandpa and I went to see the grammer school kids at the activity center without him. The kids would be singing for us and showing us their parade "floats". I didn't hear if these were special ed kids when they were announced, but they were anxious to get started. They sang about 10 Christmas carols and then each child talked about the parade "float" they had made and then walked it in front of the audience. Here are a few

The kids were really sweet...there was a red-neck float...a singing Mr. & Mrs. Claus, some singing teddy bears and one kid did the baby Jesus in the manger. Very nice kids and great ideas for third graders I thought.

We went back to the rig, and Paulie was on the phone with Dish...more aggravation it seems.
I sat outside with the guys for a while, but a headache was coming on so I went and laid down. I hated to do that as it was such a great day. Paul and grandpa were off to play poker, and I stayed with the furkids and watched White Christmas with Bing and Danny Kaye. Gotta get in the Christmas spirit somehow!



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