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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, July 10, 2006


This is my second attempt to write today. I had about six paragraphs written when the stupid computer just up and died from the battery running out of juice. It never gave me any kind of warning so I could just plug in the power cord…oh, no…just cut me off. Paul is making fried shrimp on the grill. Don’t ask…I have learned NOT to ask.

Paulie and I got up today about ninish…our usual time…in order to go do laundry. Imagine four loads. What the heck did we do this week where we had four loads of laundry? We filled up the washers, added the soap and other stuff then went off in search of breakfast. We went to a neat place called Toast and Jams. Really cool place, retro d├ęcor with Route 66 themes. I had eggs and bacon, Paulie the omelet (that thing with the veggies). We finished up and then headed back to the laundry to dry the stuff. About 45 minutes later we are back at the rig, putting stuff away. Grandpa who was not feeling well when he got up, was now making keiska in the galley. He had it in a frying pan with butter and was stirring it wildly with a spatula. That stuff was flying all over the galley. There was keiska all over the stove I had just cleaned yesterday; on the floor, on the front of the oven. It was burning but I didn’t say anything….Paulie stepped in to save the day, and the rig, from a keiska fire.

After reading the paper, the clouds started rolling in. I was hoping to hit the beach again today. I had such a great time yesterday. Oh well, we have all week to hit the beach and it will pretty much be deserted after the weekend. By noon, I couldn’t keep my head up, so off to the bedroom I haul my butt. I woke up about 3:30 and no one was here…those two old farts snuck off to the grocery store. They don’t let me go, ever…the putz’s. I wanted to look for a better beach chair. Oh well, I will just have to go after dinner. I went back to bed and didn’t get up until 5:30. What’s up with this? How can I sleep nine hours at night and then 5 hours in the afternoon? My poor brain must be like mush.

Well, I think I will go down to the beach with a bottle of pre-made bloody mary’s and enjoy the sunset; after I fell asleep, Paul told me the sun came out again and the rain clouds disappeared. I guess I just needed the sleep.

I told Paulie about my posting of Pepe’s letter last night. He said that I am crazy and that Pepe was just pulling my chain. He also said he is certain that Pepe does NOT call me Beautiful Blond woman, and Paul the big human with the beard. I told him he needed to have a serious talk with Pepe and he would be enlightened. I also didn’t want to hurt his feelings and tell him that Pepe calls him The Big Asshole with the Beard, but I just didn’t have the heart.

Oh well…it’s our last 8 days or so of vacation, this great trip we have been on. We have had such a great time. I love being on the road. It’s hard to believe we have been gone since May 30! Paulie is harping bankruptcy but I am just as happy as a clam; the only thing I miss is Zack, and he is never more than a phone call away, just like he is at school. Don’t miss my house, don’t miss my stuff, and don’t miss much. I enjoy this life. I hope this next year works out and we can get the heck outta Rochester and someplace warm and NOT humid or rainy.

Well, Paulie is calling me to dinner…more later.


Sunday evening continued…

Paulie made shrimp…French fried shrimp on the bbq. Don’t ask.

After dinner we watched America’s Funniest Home Videos, one of my all time favorite shows. I remember Zack and I laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe when we used to watch this while Paulie was at work. We had such a great time laughing at the sheer stupidity of people.

At about nine, Paulie and I decided to go up to the deck and watch the sunset. The clouds had rolled in so we were not sure what we would be able to see. It was really incredible. I hate to use that word so much, but I just cannot get over how beautiful each sunset is…always different in some aspect. That’s why it is so much fun to go see the sunset everyday.

After watching the storm clouds move in and the increasing whitecaps on the big lake, we decided to go to Whippi Dip. It’s like the DQ but a local place known for its BBQ pork sandwiches. I have wanted to go for the last five years and finally talked Paulie into taking me. Of course, I got the canned speech about how I can’t eat ice cream, custard, soft serve, etc., etc. I told him I would not get sick (yeah, right). So we stopped by the rig, picked up grandpa and headed out to the Whippi Dip. I got a snickers flurry and grandpa got a custard cone. Paulie didn’t get anything, but he shared my flurry. This was the first concrete/flurry/blizzard that I have ever had that had too much snickers candy in it! Can’t believe I said that but Paulie said the same thing. I didn’t actually barf until we were home. But then grandpa was watching the Cardinals/Astros game and I am sure it was being forced to watch the Cardinals that made me barf, not the ice cream.

We finally hit the sack and I was so sick with dumping on the sugar I fell into a sugar coma. So much for Whippi Dip. At least I tried.




We really slept late this am. I got up and after making coffee and the sofa bed (this is becoming a REAL pain every day) I took a shower. I want to go to the mall and see what bargains I can find. Not that I need anything you understand, I haven’t bought anything, I swear, on this trip. I don’t need anything but it’s always nice to look. Plus I want to dump the blog and then get over to Larry’s to have my hearing aide adjusted. I am getting feed back when I am in of all places, the bathroom in the rig! I guess because the walls are so close together. Whatever.

I hope to also get down to the beach again today…it should be empty, the campground is pretty quiet.



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