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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday afternoon...

I was just dropped off at B&N so I could dump the blog. Had to have a cup of coffee to satisfy my need for quality coffee. I have been using FOLGERs for goodness sake in the rig. Ugh. Bitter. Uncouth. Disgusting. Grandpa loves it. *Sigh*.

We perused the mall this morning. Looking to go to the Airport restaurant for lunch...Paulie has that 25% off road construction discount stuck in his head. Then I need to see Lar about 3:30 for my aide recalibrations. No beach for me this afternoon. I want to stop at the grocery and get some hotdogs and buns. Eating late lunches makes for no hunger at dinner but starvation around nine p.m. or so.

I plunked down 50 cents to weigh myself. After 5 plus weeks of eating junk and drinking high calorie booze, I have LOST 5 lbs. Imagine how much I would have lost IF I had been a good girl? I won't go there. Again, my freaking hip is killing me. I can't get this surgery quick enough. I woke up twice in agony last night...seems my hip joint "slips" outta the socket. Jeez, nothing like dislocation pain to interrupt my dreams.

Well, I guess I better shut this down. I really miss not being able to log on whenever I want to. I guess I am never satisfied!

We are losing our camping spot Saturday night. So far, no cancellations at the Lodge. Darn. Hate to break camp and boondock for just one night then reset up for two days. Looks like we will pull out of here on Monday. I have a doc appointment early on Tuesday. One more week. Then I guess we start planning our winter road trip. We have Arizona and Texas on the mind plus some boondocking in Quartzite. Grandpa was talking to a guy at the campground who does winters near where he and grandma did around Mercedes, Texas and supposedly there is a new construction of pads for mfg homes with pads for RVs. Sounds just like what we are looking for.

will write more later


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