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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We woke up to a really overcast and icky day. Not a total bummer, but since my day at the beach was lost yesterday, I was planning on vegging on the beach today. Oh well. We may go take in a matinee at the movies. There are a bunch of movies I want to see and grandpa has mentioned that he would like to see one of the Meryl Streep movies that are out.

Yesterday we just bummed around. We had a late lunch so dinner was a mix of lunch leftovers and celery, cheese and crackers. We had a campfire tonight…the air was really cool, even when the sun was out. I actually had a sweatshirt jacket on and then had a blanket around my legs. It was nice to just sit and talk.

Not much going on around here. I am fighting the urge/need to sleep with this weather change. Ugh.

Pepe fell out of bed last night. Poor dog. He must think he’s living a nightmare. First he is thrown in the big lake and then he falls out of bed. He seems no worse for wear. Maybe he was asleep when he fell and didn’t tense up when he hit the floor.

Well, not much else to say. Will post later when I have something to talk about.



Tuesday continued…

We decided to go to see The Prairie Home Companion with Meryl Streep. The cinema had 17 theaters. It was like an arcade in the entry and it even had a carousel. Yep. A really pretty one. The popcorn was just like at home…refills are free. The movie started out strange (but it is a Robert Altman film) but picked up. The characters which drive all Altman films were quirky and unique and totally entertaining.

By the time we got out by 2:30, it was raining. Of course, I was fighting fatigue and ear fullness most of the day (actually had to lay down for a while last night) so by the time we got back to the rig I was not only extremely exhausted, but my blood sugar was dropping rapidly. I had a hard time getting out of the car and an even more difficult time checking my sugar. I actually had to stick myself three times to get enough to do the test. Nothing irks me more than not getting enough to test on one stick! Ouch.

I slept until about 5…gee, Mom called and I missed it again! We had one of those Hormel premade meatloafs with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was surprisingly good! Add to that some salad, a viola! Cheapo dinner just like you’d get at the diner, LOL!

The all star game is on tonight. Gee. Another blockbuster TV viewing night. Too bad its still raining…going down to the beach would have been nice. I think I will take the car and go over to B & N. I would prefer to sit and surf the net than watch this mindless crap on TV.

Well, that’s all that’s happening in this part of the world. A bleak and rainy day but I suppose the gardener’s around here are happy. Here’s hoping for a sunny day tomorrow. That darn beach is still calling me and I’d like one more day to enjoy it. By Friday, the permanent site people invite all the relatives and it gets busy down there. But, it is a lot of fun watching the kids play in the sand and the waves. The big lake is fairly shallow for quite a ways out, but then it drops off fairly quickly. The sand bars at this point create the rip tides. They are similar to the undertows in the ocean. Since we have been here, about 6 people have been caught in the rip tides. I think three have drowned. The newspaper had a big pull out section just before the holiday, warning people about them and explaining where they occur. They gave some good information on how to get out of one when caught. Then they did several side stories on folks who had survived and then on some who didn’t. Very sad stories and all of the swimmers were just that…good swimmers who were familiar with the big lake’s rip tides.

I’ll pick up later at B & N.

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