The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, July 31, 2006

Oh goodness. It's Monday night and I have only one more day to wait til I get this freakin' hip fixed. I have so much stuff to do tomorrow it is just ridiculous...I hired a cleaning lady today...$15 an hour...oh well, it's only money right? I just can't deal with a dirty house and Paulie just can't keep up. I suppose it will be about 4 hours worth of work for this woman, and I promised her that I'd have the place at least picked up so she doesn't have to clean around clutter. We picked out the lino for the bathroom redo today...its a light grey background with speckled spots...just like the stuff from the 50's. I am going to draw something up for the wallboard guy to look at...I want beadboard and chair rail along with new baseboards. Shouldn't be too expensive. Can't wait to see it done. One more step to selling the house. I am making lists of stuff we have to do. Get rid of sh*t is number one. Getting rid of furniture is next. Gosh, its gonna take months to get this stuff done. I worry about video tapes of Zack when he was growing, knick knacks and stuff I really love is gonna be tough. If we do buy a mfg home, I can keep some stuff. Kitchen stuff. I have great kitchen appliances such as my Kitchen aid mixer. Ain't giving that puppy about my pizzeli (sp) about my professional cookie sheets, hell no! China, silverware and serving dishes are also hands off. I gotta have some stuff to make a new home a real home.

I will prolly not post until after I get home. Don't be offended if I am a bit grumpy or is gonna hurt like hell and I am not gonna be a happy person by any stretch of the imagination...



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