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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Boy, time sure flies when your having fun. Since my last update over two months ago, I had my surgery, recovered, dislocated my new hip twice and after several ambulance trips to the er and visitis back to the doc, a revision is only option. Crap. Had revision on Sept 27. Doc said there was fluid in the joint which made it unstable. He lengthened my leg, inserted a new socket that has a lip to keep the ball in place and then put in a larger ball. I did ok after surgery. My ass hurts where all the soft tissue damage was done. Can't describe it any other way...I have pain in my right ass cheek. Hmmmm. Back to square one...a simple (for most folks anyways)surgery, becomes a 16 week ordeal for me. Typical.

We are getting ready for the great get-away. Hopefully we will get outta Rochester before Thanksgiving. Time will tell.

I am going to try to update daily from this point on, keeping everyone abreast of what is happening here.


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