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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My girlfriend Karen told me on the phone that my blog was coming up blank. Yikes! It was...the edit page was there, but when I also tried to view the blog, all I got was a blank page...hmmm. Thus the test test test post. Sorry. It seems to be ok now. Pffft. Technology. Can't live with it, can't live without it.

I am sitting in my recliner, another day down, 7 more to go. This is only the second time I have actually WANTED to have surgery. This pain in my hip sucks the big one. Sorry, that's not nice, but heck, I am NOT feeling "nice" right now.

I visited with Terry Stephens at Dr. Stegeman's office today...preop physical. What a pia. She did take my disability paperwork to be completed and signed by Dr. S. Disability paperwork is a necessary evil I guess...I recall getting complaints from folks when I took calls at the Franklin for disability. We did waive the paperwork after the individual was deemed permanently disabled and had no hope of recovery in order to go back to work. That's me I guess. I hope they agree to waive my forms soon for pete's sake.

We are trying to figure out which chair I am going to use after I have surgery next week. The chair I am using now is not appropriate as my hips lie lower than my knees. Can't have that. So, I guess it's either stuff pillows under my butt to level my hind end out, or use the other chair. The nasty disgusting chair Paulie uses is an oldie moldy from the farm house...and has spent the last several years in Zack's dirty pit, er bedroom.

Well, that's about all for today...I need to go to Walgreens for some meds I need to start prior to surgery.



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Jennifer R. said...

Denise - good luck with the surgery. I'm glad you made it home from your travels safe and sound. Take care of yourself so you can be up and around sooner rather than later.