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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Duxbury MA, scene of flooding and animals pairing up....

Well, its now day um, gee what day is it? With all this rain I have lost track. Oh well, its really not that important. Today is Saturday, graduation day for Tay. Maureen came home from work on Thursday not feeling well. We did convince her to go with us to Friendly's for dinner. We even talked her into a chocolate shake. Only shakes are not called that here, they are called fuzzies or fribbies or some other goofy name. We had a nice time. Back at the house, we talked Maureen into a grandpa deluxe gin and tonic. We all went to bed happy.

Friday was pretty much a blah day...rain continues to pound New England and many towns are experiencing flooding and local rivers are cresting. We did manage to get to the Quincy IRS office to get some help on this tax notice thing that Zack received. Actually the man (really geeky kinda fella who mans the office by himself) was quite helpful. He told us how to notify the TX service center that the taxes had been paid on the distribution on our 04 taxes, not Zack's. After leaving the IRS we picked up Philip from school then headed to my favorite clam chowder place, the Milepost, for a late lunch. The chowder was as wonderful as I remembered it. Paul and I split the Duxbury Seafood plate, grandpa had liver and onions (ewww!) and Mo had fish and chips. The food is wonderful. I am sure its just frozen stuff like most places, but the scallops just melted in your mouth. Quite good I must confess.

Since we had a late lunch, we skipped doing dinner. I visited with Maureen and Philip in the house and grandpa and Paulie stayed and watched TV in the rig. We all shuffled off to bed about 11:30. The weather guy on the local news was not encouraging. Not at all. Rain. What can I say?

I'll post more about the graduation later today.


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