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The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday....well, as we arose from restless night's sleep...we discover... the SUN! Yes, it really is the sun shining over Duxbury. We get up quickly so we don't miss this unusual occurrence. Wow, it is beautiful. After watching the morning news, we realize that it is only temporary. Clouds and rain are moving back into the area this afternoon. *Sigh*. Oh well, we'll be pushing off from here tomorrow, hopefully going back to normal midwestern SUNSHINE. Well, we can only hope.

The graduation ceremony was very nice. I think the DHS orchestra is the best high school ensemble I have had the pleasure of hearing. It was held in a beautiful theatre/auditorium. We were unfortunately in the rafters so we couldn't even find Taylor in the sea of white and green robes. The speeches from the kids were just awful. I guess being outsiders we just didn't "get it". Only Duxbury insiders got the points. We let out a nice loud yell for Tay as she was called to get her diploma. The huge crowd was terrible to navigate as we tried to make our way to the door. By this time, my ears were unbearable and I just needed to get away from the very large mass of people. We finally found Tay and got outta Dodge. We took some nice pictures at the house and then Maureen and the kids went to a party down the block. Paul and I headed back to the rig and I went right to bed. I tell ya, this rain crap is making me crazy. I am determined to find a place that has little rain and certainly no barometer craziness.

I got up about 6:30 and we decided to get a pizza. Just as we sat down to eat, Maureen and Philip got home. I shared my meatball sandwich with Mo, and Philip didn't want anything. After dinner, Mo and I went over to the house and just talked and watched TV.

It was a nice quiet day. We are planning to go out to breakfast this morning as Taylor's "party".

Well, we are now off into the sunshine to have breakfast. I will post more later.



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