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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This picture was taken at the party after the graduation gig.

From left to, with my new two-toned blondie look, Dominique, Paul, Jordan, Jan and the graduate, Courtny

Duxbury, MA

This morning on the Today show, our ol' friend Al, you know Roker, said that the storm coming in to the New England area was a real yankee nor'easter. Surely he jests. Nor'easter my butt, we were in the middle of a freakn' hurrican that hit landfall. If this had been two months earlier we'd have been buried in 6 feet of snow. No way would I live in this place. Buffeted by winds that moved the rig from lane to lane on its own, we tooled along the CT coast then into MA. Driving cold rain. Noah, where are you when we need you? We stopped for lunch late, about 2 p.m. in a town called Sharon or something similar. We didn't find a place to eat but we did find the TajMahal (sorry no spell check for foreign landmarks) of supermarkets. Big Y. Amazing place. Two times the size of Super WalMart, I am not kidding. They had a baby grand piano in the cafe area. No, really. Paul and I split a sub sandwich that made Subway look like a hotpocket. Loaded with meat and cheese, pimento, pickles, red and green peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and all the good stuff like oil and vinegar, mayo and mustard. OH. So good. Grandpa had Boston Baked Bean Chili. And he wonders why he farts every other step he takes. Between that and the gin....just kidding. We get back on the road and the rain is still coming down in torrents. We get to I93 and head toward Duxbury. We have no problems with the mapquest directions until we get to the last one...we don't know where number one starts. A local pulls up and says "who ya tryin' to find, I know all the folks here....". I mention Demmert. The guy gives us a stupid look. I say...they're renters. Oh he says and points to the house just across the street. I call the house and Philip answers. I tell him to look out his front window. He does and starts laughing. Paulie manages to get us into the driveway. Philip and I visit for most of the afternoon and Paul and grandpa get the rig settled. One of Maureen's friends had brought an entire turkey dinner with all the trimmings including apple pie for dessert! We warmed it up and had a nice dinner when Taylor, the graduate got home from work. We watched some tv after dinner and talked with Philip. At ten we decide to get ready for bed. Philip has to go to school tomorrow, but Taylor is done. She too is very excited about graduation. Oh, in case you might be wondering, where is my sister Maureen? Well, she had some scheduled meetings tonight in Boston. Due to the weather, some of the trains are not running or tracks are flooded(or something like that) so she gets to stay in a downtown hotel! We won't get to see her until tomorrow. The rain is still coming down and I will see the TV weather a bit later. Not sure what we can do in the rain tomorrow. We'll see tomorrow.

Until tomorrow....


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