The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Day 20

Geneseo Campground

Sunday morning...threatening skies. Again. Grrrr. We get up and out to the meeting room. Oh my. Wonderful fresh fruit salad, four kinds of coffee cake, biscuits, oj. What more could one ask for? After breakfast we had a nice sermon by our Chaplain, Hank Kerr. After a closing prayer, everyone was off getting their rigs ready to roll. We are staying until Wednesday, so we just sit around and visit. Bev Stear, Paul and I carry out the tubs to Harold's car. Noesy rosey here decides to open up one tub to see what's in it...wham...the lid slips and whacks off my salute finger the quick. Ouch. Crap. My beautiful nails, now ruined. Grrrrrr. I am not a happy camper.

We sit on the porch of the meeting room just visiting with Phyllis and Art Reinholtz, Bev and Harold Stear. Grandpa is in the rig reading the paper. We sit and watch the exodus of all the weekend campers. There seems to be a log jam at the sewer dump. After solving all of the world's problems, the Stears go off to get their rig ready to roll, and I head to our rig to do dishes. I read the paper, have 1/2 a sandwich and then the sleepies hit yet again. This time I only take a 2 hour nap. Must be my vitamins...that I keep forgetting to take. I promise myself, its back to the routine on Monday. I gotta keep up my protein intake and do questions, no excuses. As I sit here typing this, we are watching the end of the US open. I am routing for Mickelson, but he seems determined to blow this tourney. OH well, I am not a golf on TV fan...or a golf fan period. I think we will mosey outside, build a fire and have a nice cocktail. Sounds really good to me. The campground is quite empty now. A few more in the full hookups area, but our area is empty. The wagonmasters left the wood they had brought for the rally for us to use. How nice. I like to sit in front of a campfire. A nice relaxing Sunday. Its nice to visit with friends, especially our good friends from our motorhoming group...the Cenois Prairielanders.

Don't know what our plans are for Monday or Tuesday for that matter. There is a casino near here so perhaps we will visit there.



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