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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Day 22

Geneseo Campground

I skipped yesterday. Sorry. We really didn't do too much. Paulie and I crawled all over town to find two new house batteries for the coach. We have been told they have a three year lifespan, and ours are now four years old. Ooops. We couldn't find the kind we needed anywhere but the local automotive repair shop ordered two for us, they will be here this morning. I guess I just haven't got a clue why when we are plugged in to electric, the house batteries are also needed. Maybe 'cause it's a 30 amp connection and we need 50 amp? Hell if I know. Now ask me if I care?! We sat outside alot yesterday as the weather was just perfect. For dinner, Paulie made god-awful spaghetti. Normally he makes a great sauce with ground beef, jazzed up jar sauce with chunky tomatoes. I like to eat just the sauce, forget the stupid noodles.

We were up about normal, ninish. Paul and Grandpa went off to town to get the batteries. I decided to do some net surfing. I like to look at the rv for sale sites and see what great buys there are. No reason, just to see what's out there. I would like to get a three slide unit if we decide to do more traveling. But I am certainly happy with our current coach. The only problem we have traveling with grandpa is that the sofa bed is so long that the person sleeping on the front side of the coach can't use the room to walk around the bed. That would be the only change I would make.

Well, we will be packing up later today for our trip to Henry IL tomorrow. I need to attend a volunteer's meeting at 3:30. I have volunteered to help moderate seminars. I got lucky, I drew two Mexico seminars and the other one I can't remember what it is.

This has been a nice quiet week. The campground was full over the weekend, but our area which is only water and electric hookups is deserted. There are more in the w/e/sewer area. There are three or four motorhomes that came in together. They are a biking group and are taking advantage of the bike trail along the Hennipen canal which is about 500 yards away from the campground. Paul spoke to one of them yesterday and apparently they biked 50 miles east. Gee, 50 miles. Not in my lifetime!

I will try to post more later.



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