The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Day 19
Geneseo Campground, Geneseo IL

The alarm went off very early at 7 a.m. Paulie and I get up, make up the bed and then I am off to take a shower. Amazing. There are people up and about. I can't imagine having to do this everyday. Ugh. I make my way back to the rig and we all head over to the meeting room. The wagon masters have made a wonderful breakfest...three kinds of egg casserole and biscuits. I am not terribly fond of egg casseroles or omelets either so I took just a bitsy piece of casserole and a biscuit. After we finished eating, the campground owner arrived and gave us a nice talk about the history of the Hennepin Canal. It was very intersting and informative. After his talk, we held and "informal" meeting just to discuss a couple of outstanding club issues. After the meeting, I sat and talked with Linda Barcus for awhile. Afterwards, back at the rig, I was so tired I had to sleep. This is two days in a row for heaven's sake. I slept until 4:45 when Paul woke me up and said we were expected at five. Geesh. I took the eclair cake and watergate salad and went over to the meeting room. We had ham, lots of cheesey potatoes, and lots of goodies for dinner. My watergate salad was not set...I didn't add the marshmallows, remember?
After dinner we all gathered around the firepit just outside the meeting room and talked. About 9 the bugs started getting bad so we all said goodnight. Paul and I barely made it thru the 10 pm news and followed grandpa to bed.

What an exciting day. Hmmm...somethings not right here. Rain. Damm Rain.



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