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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, June 16, 2006

Day 18...
Geneseo Campground, Geneseo IL

Gee, I lost a day. Literally...I lost a whole day. We got up late this morning...9 am. I made coffee, did up the sofa bed and made myself a protein. After signing on the wifi, I started to read my emails. Whoa. I can't read the screen. My ears are killing me, and I feel some vertigo coming on. My eyes aren't focusing at all. I finish my protein, shut down the laptop and lay down in the bedroom. I am immediately spinning so I get up and take a valium. Then, the next thing I remember is I have to go to the bathroom. I get up and stagger to the bathroom. I am also parched. I go into the living room and Paulie is sitting there working on the FedEx box of bills that Zack has sent. I get a bottle of water and stagger back to bed. At four pm, Paulie wakes me up. Geesh, I have lost all day...Friday went pffft! I get up, get dressed and try to do something with my bed head. Good thing we are amongst friends...I look like something that crawled from underneath a rock. Before we go to dinner with the gang, I make a list of stuff I need from the grocery store so I can bring something to the potluck tomorrow evening. We all meet at The Cellar restaurant. We were in a private room, and for the first time in a very long time, we had a waitress who really knew what the heck she was doing. There was an all you can eat fish fry...Paulie, grandpa, Elizabeth and Hank ordered that, and I ordered chicken. The food was good. Great salad and very tasty cinnamon buns. The food was served hot which is unusual when we are in such a large group.

Paul and I drop off grandpa who's tummy seemed to be acting up and then it's off to Jewel. We get back to the campground and I start to make Watergate salad (this one without mini marshmallows...bought them but forgot to add them to the dish) and eclair cake. I didn't want to buy the stuff to make the icing according to recipe so I just got a can of fudge frosting which I melted in the microwave and just poured on top of the cake, similar to the way I make the HoHo cake. Paul joined some of the folks outside and grandpa and I watched TV after I finished making my potluck stuff. Paul came home about ten, and grandpa went to bed. I thought I'd write a few lines before I hit the sack. It was a beautiful sunny day today, but I, like Rumplestilskin (sorry about the spelling...I can't remember how to spell some fairytale names, lol!) slept the day away. What a waste. I sure hope on judgement day, God doesn't ask me if I was productive all the days of my life...I think I'll be in a bit of trouble. Breakfast is at 8 which is in my not so humble opinion, all together too darn early for anything much less food, but I guess I am in the minority here...(we have some early risers in our group). I need to shower so that means I gotta get up at least by 7:15. Gosh, just the thought makes me tired. Oh well. I'll suffer through this too...hahaha...



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