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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, January 23, 2006

Day 2 continued
McDill AFB
January 23, 2006

Well, as they say, the best laid plans...

I had a bad spin episode and had to lay down. Paul and Grandpa took the base tour in the famcamp area. There are over 500 electric/water sites here and about 50 dry campsites. The woman at the camping desk as we checked in said that there is a waiting list already for the 2006/2007 winter season. I can see why...a beautiful waterfont, marina, free wifi, 10 bucks a day, access to the BX, Commissay, library, restaurants and god knows what else. I'd be here all winter too. I always wondered why the Kerrs came to remembrances from my one and only trip here was traffic, old farts and more traffic. This base is like an never have to leave, it is a little town all by itself. I get it now.

After my nap, we went to have dinner. Went to a local place called Cellenis and it was great. We had the rustico pizza and it was really the old type of pizza, thick crust, fresh ingredients and very very good. Then we all split the best canolli I've had since Mrs. DiBacco made them years ago. Good grief I can't remeber when that was either. Talk about fading memory. It really was good.

I am typing this at the marina, there is a revolving game of gin going on in the activities room and there must be 50 old farts here playing cards. There are several computer stations and I am on the Famcamp wifi system. Its free. Wow, maybe I shoulda married a lifer...what benefits they get. I think I have had one too many Killians with my pizza, my spelling is really bad.

Tomorrow is open for the morning hours, then Hank will be giving a peanut brittle making demonstration...he makes wonderful peanut brittle in the microwave. My peanut brittle is a version that makes your teeth stick together and cements to your fillings to each other then pulls them out. *Sigh*. Maybe I will learn how to make it right.

That's about all for today. I will post more tomorrow. Don't forget to check out the pictures on yahoo pictures...look for rocketmom1985's album



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