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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

January 24, 2006
McDill AFB, Tampa FL

We didn't have a real exciting day. We got up and had breakfest. We had leftover pizza from were we ate last night. Well, Paul and Grandpa had pizza...I had a stale dry leftover english muffin. Paul and I went to the bath house to shower. They were clean, but really very well used. I of course, picked a shower with no hot water so I had to get dressed, load up the shower stuff and find another one. This time I checked the water temp before I got UNdressed. We then went back to the rig to pick up Grandpa so we could go grocery shopping. This afternoon is peanut brittle lessons with Hank and Elizabeth Kerr. As we begin to pull out of the spot, Paul looks at the sky which has become dark and threatening. We go back to the rig, close all the windows and put on the generator to provide ac for the furkids. Back in the car, we pull out again and I asked Grandpa if he had his pass to get on the base with. Nope, so back we go to the rig, unlock it again, get his pass and try to leave again. This time we are successful. At the grocery store, I pull out my list. Geesh this Publix store is HUGE. Grandpa got a scooter to ride on and Paulie and I start off to fill our basket with treasures. We bought about $10 worth of candy, some texas cheese toast, some breakfest stuff like cereal and yogurt for me, salad dressing(Paul and Grandpa like Ranch...ugh that gets old) so we got something I liked...catalina french. About 120 bucks later we leave in a icky rain. Back to the rig, put all the stuff away, we get back in the car and off to Hank and Elizabeth's to learn how to make peanut brittle. Hank had already made a batch. Earlier on the phone I asked him if the rain and humidity would affect his candy, as my candy bible says humidity is death to toffee and hard candies. He said he never had a problem so we are in business. After visiting for a while, Hank broke up his premade candy and it was really sticky. We decided not to make any more in case it too became sticky and would be difficult to keep in a stick form, and it will also cause tooth problems, like cement them together. We will have peanut brittle making 101 on Friday. I am sitting at the marina writing this. We went on line to see if the Body Exhibit at the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry was still there and see if they had wheelchairs to rent or use which they do, thank goodness! I missed this exhibit in Chicago last fall and really want to see it, however with my hip bothering me so much I know I won't be able to walk the exhibit as required. I had to buy another bottle of Tylenol Arthritis stuff...boy is that pricey! Tomorrow we will go with the Kerr's to Apollo Beach to see the manitees after having lunch at a Cuban restaurant. I am salivating at the thought of a Cuban sandwich. I will tell you all about it tomorrow. The exhibit costs about $20 each, but heck, its only money right?

Well, I better close for now. I have been online for over an hour now and its dinner time.



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Nancy said...

By all means, go see the Body Works. I saw it at the Museum of Science and Industry and it is pretty amazing. Keep up the awesome writing. I love living vicariously through other people!
Love, Nancy