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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday, part two...

Went to my appointment with Attilia, the physical therapist. All joking aside she was very nice and very attractive too. We worked on developing some exercises I can do while we are away. Gosh, my left knee/leg is very weak. Plus, I didn't know my bad hip would hurt so bad. Enough complaining already.

Trip plans are starting to get past the "just thinking about it" phase. Paul and I measured the inside front windshield area of the motorhome to see if we could get a tension rod across the front window or actually the windshield glass. The made-for-the-rig shades are fugly and it would be nice to block out nosy campground neighbors, but let in the sunshine/light. The measurement is 94 inches. Too big for a tension rod. So, I think that what we will do is put up two brackets similar to the thingys that a a ships rigging is lashed to or a roll up shade cord is wound around. We can then put a string or rope through the cafe curtains and get the same effect. Well, I hope it will work. We tested out the new icemaker, and it appears that it will fit our needs nicely. We can store it in the basement of the motorhome until we stop and then turn out enough ice for two days or so.

Tomorrow the boys(Oscar and Pepe) go to Petsmart for a beauty bath and trim. Paul and I are heading to Wally World to check out the cafe curtains for the front window. We also need an air mattress for Grandpa. The fold out couch is a real piece of garbage to sleep on. We will get one of the queen size types that are almost the height of a regular bed. If Grandpa would rather have the bedroom, then Paul and I can sleep on the air mattress in the main part of the motorhome. This way, Grandpa can go to bed whenever he wants and has access to the bathroom close by.

We are getting excited as the departure day grows closer. There are so many details we have to keep multiple lists! We have the cruise checklist, the motorhome check list, things to do before we leave checklist, grocery checklist and the list goes on and on! Well off to bed. Lots to do tomorrow.



Sharon in D.C. said...

I LOVE reading about your preparations, girl! This will be a great trip, once you're on the road -- what fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I do enjoy reading your posts. It is much better than any TV show and is great reading!! It's like I am so hooked and look forward to the next installment. Have a fun and safe trip and I look forward to following along with you through your entries. L, N