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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Well. New Years Eve is upon us again. Had a very busy day but didn't accomplish too much. We found an extendable closet pole out in the garage. I pilfered my linen closet and found the old white cafe curtains from one of the bedrooms. How about that, we found what we needed right here. No need to spend money for the curtains or the rod. We had toyed with the idea of using a rope or chain, but I think what we found will be adequate.

Oscar and Pepe spent the day at the doggie spa today. Oscar was really excited when he got to the store but was trying to escape when the gal took his leash and tried to get him into the bath area. Pepe thought if he just looked the other way, she'd maybe forget about him. He was shaking so bad, his tongue was flopping around. We went to Perkins for breakfest and the hit the Wally World. Both boys came home smelling nice and sweet sporting a Petsmart kerchief. Paul also bought a kitty harness for Snickers. We will be able to walk her also during the trip. This should be interesting. Just getting the harness on was pretty funny. Paul put in on backwards. He put her down so she could get used to walking with it on. Now, when I describe this I swear I am not making this up. Snickers gave a look at Paul and me, let out a plantive meow and then started walking....backwards! She backed up around the entire living room. It was hysterical. I almost wet my pants laughing so hard! Oscar got up after seeing this and started nudging her to move forward, but she still kept backing up. We laughed so hard. She finally laid down and started to make this gutteral sound. Paul picked her up and after looking at the picture on the halter packaging realized he had put it on wrong. So we fixed the halter and she finally started walking normally. She was really honked off. The look she shot Paul was priceless. Now if I had only gotten this on film I bet we would be the winners of the America's Funniest Home videos. I could use ten grand. Always think of this after the fact. Darn, it really was great too.

I made more chocolate chip cookies, some for Zack to take back to school, and some for the trip. I also made a banana bread from some utterly gross looking bananas. Paul made a great dinner. Tbones for Zack and Grandpa...petite filets for us. It was great.

As I write this it is a bit after 11 pm. I am sipping a chocolate martini. Goodness these things are good. Potent, but good. One does me in. Paul is falling asleep in the chair. What an exciting New Years Eve. Hmmm, hope we celebrate on board the ship. We had thought about going to the Elks Club, but I think the band was an old fart band. Most of the Elks here are old farts.

Tomorrow we will try to find an airbed on sale. The newspaper sale ads come out with the Sunday edition. Tomorrow I also hope to get all my clothes together. The Bears play about three so we have some time to get stuff done. Monday, Paul and Zack will finish moving stuff around in the garage. Grandpa will be able to park his car in there. All the Christmas stuff is now lining the garage walls. Geesh, I gotta get rid of some of this stuff. But I am a selfish person and want it all.

As the martini in the glass gets lower, my typing gets suckier. Giggle giggle. The buz from alcholol is just so fleeting after having gastric bypass LOL!

Well, I guess I better sign off for today.

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Happy New Year!


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