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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday...our day off...
We decided to get up early, around 8 and go have the breakfast buffet at Dockers just down the yellow road from the campground. Eh. It was so-so. I have to keep reminding myself that we should avoid buffets like the plague...we can't eat enough to justify the price. It was so-so and now we know we won't go back unless we go for free...LOL!

We finished up breakfast, and stopped at Walgreen's to pick up the rest of my prescription...they only gave me 5 days worth instead of 30. I stood in line for at least 20 minutes while two little old ladies had this discussion with the pharmacist about a certain med that made one of them have such terrible death type symptoms...the poor pharmacist couldn't get away, then they asked her all kinds of questions about, get this...wrinkle cream! Um, I am sorry but I think it just might be a little bit late for wrinkle cream when you are older than dirt! OK, I am not fidgeting anymore, the show we are going to see at 10 a.m. is still 20 minutes until showtime. Finally, they finish and THEN TAKE OUT CHECK BOOKS TO WRITE CHECKS...NEITHER OF THEM HAS A PEN! ARRRRGH! Finally, I get up to the register and gee, they don't have my script. Well, apparently they forgot they told me to come back, or they goofed up and didn't put it in the computer. Lucky for me I saved the bag and there is a handwritten note that I can pick up the rest of my script after 4 p.m. on Monday. Guess who is gonna bring that back when I go back tomorrow when they have promised to have it ready. I go out back to the car, totally irritated. We zip down 76 to see the 10 a.m. show of Doug Gabriel. No show. Schedule is wrong. we head towards the Legends Theater to see the Brett Family show. Excellent show. We loved it. Again I have to say not one show we have seen has disappointed us...we have had a great time at each venue. I really am enjoying our stay here.

We met our fellow park hosts for our happy hour and several of our guests from the park joined us. We had a lot of fun learning about them and also laughed our tushies off at the antics of the various puppies playing together.

Well, I am off to bed. The Prince has to work two hours tomorrow. Thinking we might head to Springfield to meet with a fellow Vietnam Vet group advocate if we can get ahold of him...I leave you with a great photo taken of my fav Cubbie pitcher...this was last week at Wrigley...what a face!



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