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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Sorry about missing a posting yesterday. I am still having a few problems with my computer. So what else is new? The wifi here at the park has become quite a headache. Since the campground is heavily covered in trees, slopes down into a valley, and everyone tries to connect from inside their tin can rv's, service is less than acceptable for most! Well, somethings gotta give and it certainly isn't gonna be the wifi system! Most campgrounds that offer wifi (that I have stayed in, anyways) the systems are poorly designed, or are the cheapest equipment which is self-defeating. This park does have several signal repeaters, but I think we are doomed. It has become the bane of my existence while I am on duty and again when I am off. I can't connect and I am facing the repeater from the coach windshield about 200 feet away or less...I get all the complaints from the guests. The best line...."I only chose this park because of the free wifi." Nah, that is pure baloney...all the parks here have free wifi except KOA ...they charge. Oh well, I am off tomorrow so I can get a break. Actually one of our guests was helpful in suggestions about my laptop. The same problem keeps repeating itself...the DVD drive is not recognized...the driver disappears, yet the device driver tells me it is working fine. Grrrrrr. He taught computer repair at a jr college so I trust him and he seems to be a really nice guy. He suggested that I remove the drive and reinsert. Easy I did and Viola! It now works and when I click on my computer the DVD drive is there! Wow.

I received some sad news a few days ago. One of our friends from our FMCA Chapter,The Cenois Prairielanders.... Marge Walter passed away. She was the sweetest little gal...always a smile, the best pies ever at the rally pot lucks, always a wonderfully funny comment during a discussion around the campfire. We will miss her greatly...

Rest in Peace dear Marge...

Marge Walter

November 3, 1926 - June 1, 2008

This is for you Marge.....Maybe with you in heaven along with Harry, the Cubbies will win it all this year!

Hugs to you all...


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