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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update: The Dixie Stampede

We were unable to get into the 5 p.m. dinner show, so we went ahead and purchased tickets for the 8 p.m. show. We stopped at Dunkin' Doughnuts to see how much the ground coffee was. It is cheaper for a pound at Dunkin' than it is for 12 oz. at Wally World. Guess where I'll be buying my coffee?

We took a detour, well we were killing time, and went down to Branson Landing. It was dinner time and kinda quiet. The Prince needed some B12 liquid, which we can only find at GotNuthin'Cheap aka GNC. He walked down to the store while I indulged in a Cafe Americano with three SF vanilla shots. Three is way too sweet even for a Grande'. Ok, so I know Gloria Jeans shots of SF vanilla are real shots, not wimpy half pumps like at Starbucks!

Paul came back with his B12 and we caught the Trolley back to the parking lot. We stopped for gas...13 gallons and it was over $50. When is this insanity going to stop?

Arriving at the Dixie place, we are ushered into the Carriage Room, a place where a pre-show will take place. They sell drinks and popcorn at outrageous prices...what a stroke of marketing genius...$40 plus per ticket for the dinner show and $10 bucks for two Cokes and a tiny cup of popcorn. Just like the movies!!!

The pre-show was a juggling act...I really dislike juggling acts. Talented people do this, it just does nothing for me personally. I would rather have wandered around in the gift shop. Anyway, what I did allow myself to watch was quite good (juggling 20 flashing hoops makes me really dizzy, so most of the time I watched a little boy pick his nose). The juggler was a very funny guy and his jokes were really good. He kept teasing the kids in the front row with the fire rings and the bowling pins he was tossing around. We had a chance to talk to him after the show as we were in the back of the room and the last to leave. I told him I normally don't enjoy jugglers but he was outstanding. He was very appreciative. I wonder how much the Dixie Stampede folks pay a juggler who does a pre-show for 30 minutes? Hmmmm. Gotta be worth it for this fella, he does three shows a day...noontime, 4ish and 7ish when we got there.

In a nutshell...the main show was good...Grey Vs Blue (yanno Civil war kinda blue and grey.) The Prince was sure the Blue would win, since the North won the war. Foolish man. We are in a show called Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. She's from Pigeon Forge TN and therefore the South or grey guys and gals always win. He doubts me. Well. He thinks cause he is a Prince he has smarts. I let him think that all the time. I did enjoy myself and there was a lot of audience participation. The chicken scramble was really funny...two grey kids and two blue kids get to chase chickens down the arena. Poor grey kid, Zachary fell and his poor little face went right into that nasty stuff the horses roll around in...btw, there was no pooping antics by horses either. We all gave Zachary a nice round of applause and he got a be-ribboned medal and a Dolly Parton CD.

Well, they forbid pictures, so I can't post any...bummer.

Well, I guess I am ready to hit the sack. I was just thinking I hope I don't have lizard nightmares. Ick. I still catch my breath when I think of how close that little bugger came to crawling up my shorts!



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Tom & Roberta said...

Love your posts. We actually brought home one of those cute little lizard things from Florida and he lived with our grands for a whole year. Keep up the good work.