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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dixie Stampede Tonight!
Yep, we are going to the Dixie Stampede Show...the same as in Dollywood and some other place I can't remember.

I just read my post from last night. I must have been very made no sense to me at all. So far today the most exciting thing that happened, well there were two things. First, this morning I spilled a mug of hot tea all over me and the wing chair. Ouch. I just hate when that happens...

The second thing happened just a few minutes ago...we have these little creatures in the park...lizards of some hardy stock to survive here in Branson. They look like the little gieco guy on TV but I haven't had any meaningful conversation with any of them. Usually, I just go in the rig until they lose interest in me. Well, I was busy checking email and one of them little suckers climbed up my leg. Instant tachycardia. Once I could inhale I let out this blood curdling scream which brought out campers up and down our street. The Polish Prince thank goodness was at the office in the basement aka down under, looking for some scrap wood to make my steering wheel table...yanno the kind they sell a camping stores for $45, and are made of plastic? That'll be the day when either the Polish Prince or myself spends that outrageous amount when we can make one of our own. I took pictures and will be posting an article on how to when my new website is up and running. I am starting to get more and more ideas on stuff, I have to write them down right away or pffft! they are gone from my overloaded brain.

I did recover from my frightened state and ran in the rig...all these guests must think that dizzy blonde campground host is nutso. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now!

Well the Prince says we have to leave now so I will post more with pictures I hope of the Dixie Stampede...supposedly they have LONGHORN steer in the show now...gee, how much more excitement can I take today!


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