The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oh's already Tuesday, and I haven't posted since last week. Hmmm. I guess we are keeping busy!

Friday was a running around day...picked up the shelving unit from L'boutique Target, did a bit of grocery shopping and not much else. I am surprised at how tired I am after a short three hour shift in the office. I worked again on Saturday as did Paulie. I did the afternoon shift which is the shorter time. But, it was OUR turn to clean the restrooms. Ick. I swore I'd never do this. However, they are not typical RV park bathrooms...they are individual personal bathrooms, just like at home. And, the folks who use them are not pigs. They clean up after themselves. One lady said she thought they were cleaner than her home and she even wiped down the shower walls cause she felt guilty it wasn't as she found it! OK by me. They really are clean bathrooms. Of course, everyone checks them at least twice each shift and keeps them spiffy. Three times a week they are thoroughly scrubbed with bleach or ammonia, floors are scrubbed, etc, etc. I told Paul he had to help me...heck, I can't clean ONE bathroom much less four...! So, I filled all the toilets with cleanser, and sprayed all the shower walls with stuff. He brushed the toilets and then scrubbed the showers with another brush(I checked). He wiped down each shower stall and polished the chrome. I sprayed the mirrors and stuff with windex and wiped down the chrome, tissue and towel holders. The sinks are quickly done and Viola! All that is left is to scrub the floor. I swept each room out, then took the "green" cleaner, sprayed it all over and mopped it up. Easy. I was sweating however. Paul finished up by vacuuming the hallway carpet and we are done. Once a week we must do this. Each workamper team has an assigned day to "do" the bathrooms. It took us about 40 minutes. The other team took over an hour. Lorriane used rags to clean. Nope, not me. I don't do rags...its paper towels or nothing. Too bad if they cost money. I am not using rags for anything. That means putting hands(even with my rubber gloves on...) in water. Nope. Not me. Ok, I am with it. It just isn't gonna happen. Just like these toes will never touch the bottom of a lake, river, ocean or stream, I will not put my hands in water that cleans bathrooms. I refused to go in the pool down in Texas all year because it looked cloudy. Ick. What makes chlorine water cloudy? Body lotion? I think NOT. The filter is not working I think...or dirty people are bathing in it, OR there are no chemicals in it or they are not working....and if that is the case, there are critters growing in there. OH. MY. Ick. Ick. Ick. Paul already has to deal with my goofy idiosyncrasies. Now you can too, LOL!

Sunday was a bust for me...I was only up for a few hours. Terrible fatigue hit mid-morning and that was it. Paul had slipped on the gravel while painting one of the dumpsters and wrenched his knee and jerked his bad hip, so he was hurting anyway. The day off of just sitting around was beneficial for him although he'd never admit to that. Monday morning was my shift to open the office at 8 a.m. Paul had traded with Doug another workamper, so he was gonna work the afternoon. Of course, I get down to the office and there are three campers waiting for me. I open the door, punch my code into the alarm system and you guessed it, the sucker went off...again. Quickly I called Lynn and she gave me a code to punch in and thank goodness it stopped. I think I was a bit short with her (oh no!) cause I said, something like, this is the second time my code didn't work! Of course, Paulie is there, wanting to do our laundry and is asking me for the of the other campers wants to check in and pay since they got in late last night, another camper wants to extend and another guy wants to use the local phone...his truck is acting up and he wants to get it if he does, he'll need to extend. The phone has not been transferred back from forward, so I gotta do that right away so calls don't go to the owner. Geesh. Everyone take a step back and I'll help everyone. Give me a minute to catch my breath. The day got worse as the phone messages could not be retrieved...the local phone company changed the voice mail system and requested everybody to reset the system...I can't do that...the owner needs to do the incoming message, etc. I can't find more reservation forms, or cards and am hunting all over the office. Paul helps a guy out and takes him into town to pick up his rental car. OK...he leaves the laundry which normally wouldn't be a problem...but two other campers come in and want to use the washers and MY laundry is sitting in the machines. Where the heck did he take that guy? I run to the laundry and move our stuff into dryers so the others can use the machines. Run back to answer the phone. Take a reservation. Get the picture? I had hang ups, wrong numbers, reservation calls that demanded certain spot numbers, and again, you can get the picture. Sweat is dripping off my hair I am so stressed. I can't DO stress remember. Finally it calms down and I can get stuff done. Grrrrr. It is never this busy, I gotta get a handle on this stuff. Oh well, this isn't rocket science. It is just crazy in the office sometimes and you are all by yourself.

And so it goes. Paulie is still asleep. I had a migraine last night...I had a mild Meniere's attack in the afternoon, so I knew it was coming. I didn't sleep well last night and got up early. It appears that my attack was triggered by a cool front which is bringing in some rain. Well, at least my radar ears are still working ok. We are off today, so I am not sure what he wants to do today. I need a haircut. I think one of the worst things about fulltiming is that you don't have a hairdresser. Not everyone can cut hair the way you want it. It took me years to find a good stylist in Springfield. I continue to get haircuts that suck. And I PAY these people to make me look stupid. There is no justice in this world.



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