The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gee, I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted. We are learning our "jobs" ...of course, The Polish Prince regales me with ways to improve the current system...this is stupid, that is just not doing the job, why do they do this...gets old. I keep telling him, these folks own the place...they do things the way they want 'em done...not some first time workamper who thinks he has all the answers. Give it up already! Also, there is not enough to do around pool, no shuffleboard, cards or games...he is bored. So, he went over to Celebration City, an amusement park that is part of the Silver Dollar City organization, which is just up the street, and applied for a job. They hired him on the spot. He will be a floating ride attendant...working in the evenings. Good for him, now maybe he will be tired. I set off the freaking alarm system this morning. Almost wet my pants, the sucker is so LOUD. Of course, my code number wouldn't accept...after about three tries I panicked, knowing the sucker would erupt any minute. I get sixty seconds to open the locked door and punch in my code before the alarm goes off. Yep...she blew...I ran to the phone and called Doug the other workamper and he came right up...he was able to put his code in there and stop the thing. Meantime, ADT had called the did the Branson police. And they called ME. How embarrassing! Well it was about time for me, Miss hotsh*t to screw up. I had been so proud of myself. OH well.

We have seen several shows...Yakov of course is still funny after all these years, the 12 Irish tenors were really great, and then we saw The Pierce Arrow show...comedian, 5 guy singers, one gal singer and a great band. We also went to the Circle B Ranch Chuck wagon dinner show. Very excellent food, great entertainers...singing cowboy songs and wonderful guitar and fiddle players. I think we will be able to get to see all of the shows before our three month work stint is over! We are off tomorrow, but we really need to clean the rig. I also want to go to one of the shoppes that I recall from the last time we were here ten years ago. It like ten shops in one...antiques, crafts, gifts and kinda place. I also want to find a small houseplant to put in the bathroom on the corner shelf we installed last year...and find a nice different kind of flower pot to put it in. I am itching to get some outside flowers...they are just starting to get them in at the stores now. Home Depot here I come. I have a rain check for a foldable book case that I want to put in front of the large mirrors next to the island. We need better access to stuff like bread and veggies not stored in the fridge...and I am thinking some nice fabric bins to dress it up. This way digging in the overhead cabinets will be reduced as will the number to times I wack my forehead on the slide ceiling. I really really hate that.

Well, I will try to post again soon, maybe with some photos. I put the camera in the car...just never think to grab it when I see something really kewl. I promise to try harder!



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