The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Woke this morning and everything, including my butt, just ached. That's what I get for working so hard in the rig. Oh well, I could be like Paul...101 temp and a bit on the cranky side. I would be too...he wants to get lots done and he feels like crap. Oh well, what do they say in NY...C`est la vie ?

I worked on the bathroom today. Shower was really streaked with some crud that Windex all purpose cleaner wouldn't touch so I got out my trusty squirt bottle of straight up vinegar. The miracle liquid I have to say. Also had some rusty spots on the floor which I liberally doused with Clorox cleaner and let sit. The gold frame is actually holding up well considering how cheap and crappy it is. Paul brought in his undies and some pantry does his mind think I wonder? Spices and BBQ sauce and tidy whities? Hmmmm. Still scratching my head over that connection...! I also cleaned the toilet (never time it is Paulies job) and cleaned out the medicine cabinet. Lots of stuff leaked over the summer. Grrrrr. He told me he emptied the damm thing...dried and baked on Vick's green slime all over, even dripped into the lower shelf. Then I had to get the goof-off stuff to get rid of the residual adhesive from the stupid self-stick calendars he put all over the place. I guess he just doesn't get that if it sticks, it leaves stuff behind...stuff that is glue...adhesive that would keep the Shuttle together for cripes sake. (how do you like my brown to represent you know what up above...I am just sooooo talented, yanno?) So after smelling this gosh-awful goof-off stuff and getting high from the fumes, I was able to get the glue off. When Paul came back to the rig I told him if he ever stuck anything with self adhesive glue on it anywhere in the rig again, he would have to lick the crap off the surface. Then he just looks at me and takes something and throws it in the condiment basket I had just reorganized and cleaned out of all the crap in there! Screws do not belong in the basket with napkins, salt and pepper and the sugar shaker. Nor does some little black caplike thingy that he found on the floor, Zack's forgotten contacts container OR the coupon for Popeye's Chicken that is expired (and there is NO Popeye's in the Valley...) wonder everything looks messy. Well, thank goodness we are leaving...I have given up cleaning up the crap grandpa leaves on the island in the kitchen. Everything from his hearing aids (eewwwww, I know) to slips of paper with gosh knows whose phone old keyring with no keys, his name tag...the list goes on and on.

Channel 4, KGBT TV in Harlingen called this afternoon. They want to interview grandpa about his parachute jump. Ok. I know I am a bitch, but I have had enough of this for over a week now. I am sick to death of it. Truly tired of watching the video (can we count to 500 boys and girls...grrr!) and he looks at the photos several times a day. This afternoon, he invited the entire park (or what's left of the residents) over to the house to view his masterpiece. I stayed in the motorhome like some sulky brat. I am sorry. I have just have enough. Plus, if I hear one more time that he is a ladies man, dancing machine or karaoke master, I am going to puke. Can you TELL I need to get outta this place. Come on Wed!

Well, since today we were invited out for dinner, I guess I can end my tirade for now. Tune in tomorrow for more of....what pisses me off.


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