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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I was so tired yesterday after moving clothes (well, some anyways), computer and office stuff, music stuff, and my medications that I didn't post. I was supposed to take some pictures of the inside of the rig, but it was such a mess, I decided to wait until later today. We keep loading and loading stuff. But no where near what we brought back with us from Illinois. I am trying to decide what type of clothes to bring. It is warm here, obviously, but who the heck knows what it will be like in Missouri? I guess I will bring two pairs of jeans and a couple of sweatshirts, a light jacket and then my regular summer stuff. I finally bought some new shorts. I purchased a pair of khaki shorts in Michigan three years ago. That's it. The rest are hold overs from when I first bought clothes when I lost the weight. It will be 7 years this summer. Can you believe I haven't bought any shorts in 7 years. Cripes, that must be a record. I do have to say, that for a while I didn't wear shorts...I have a lot of jumpers that I became fond of with a simple tee shirt underneath. I prefer a dress or jumper sometimes when going out. Pants and shorts are fine for casual stuff like a run to the grocery store, but out to lunch or to a meeting, I like to dress up a tad. Summer is perfect for a jumper/tee combo and then I don't have to wear hose. Or socks...just my Berkies. Cooler than shorts and sneakers sometimes.

Paul and grandpa are off to Mexico this morning...Paul to get his crown finished and grandpa to buy booze. Grandpa is driving me nuts...he continues to bring things to me to take in the rig. For heaven's sake, I can't take every fricken' thing he doesn't use...then he asks me what things are...jeez...what do you think round circles that look like CD's are? Have you never seen a three hole punch old fart? Grrrrrr. I live here too...some things are mine that are gonna STAY here OK? Like out of season clothes. Some of my baking stuff...some books, photo albums and my Christmas CD's. Ok, I know I am being a bitch, but NO I am not taking the Kitchen Aid mixer! Where do you think I can put it in the rig...up my arse? It is bad enough that he constantly makes comments like "When youse are gone, I am gonna clean up that desk." "I am gonna go to WalMart everyday and buy what I want to eat" That comment particularly pissed me off...Paul has bent over backwards to make good interesting and nutritious meals for him, keep his cookies well stocked, buying what GRANDPA likes. He hasn't put a dish in the dishwasher (just the sink, grrrr), cleaned anything like all his magazines laying on the table, or done a load of laundry since we got here in October. He lets us do everything, then complains for the most ridiculous reasons...his continual "I can't FIND anything" is BS. Let him eat Raman noodles til he turns into a porker, let him eat sardines that stink up the house and leave the oily can sitting on the counter to attract insects and vermin...let him eat his freakn' cheap polish sausage until he drops over from the fat and cholesterol. I emptied the entire pantry...I even took all the spices...left him some Cheerios and some Ritz and all those stuooopid Ramen things and his cans of sardines....Grrrr...then I went into the Texas room and took EVERYTHING off the, phone book, EVERYTHING except a roll of tape and a jar of pens and pencils and three stamps. I took the stapler and the scissors. I hid the thread and needles in the sewing box. I took all Zack's pictures off the top of the desk. I took the printer. I took all the printer paper. I took all the sharp pencils and the sharpener...I took all the good pens. Heh, heh, heh. Today I will finish the fridge...I will leave him his salad dressing WE brought him from Illinois that he likes a lot and missed...Lonzotti's sweet Italian...I will leave him the milk for the Cheerios, and his creamer. I am going to take everything down to the bread and butter pickles. I am gonna take the bread we like which is a good healthy brand that costs like $2.75 a loaf and he can eat that bread from Walmart that costs 30 cents a loaf and tastes like paste. He can go to WalMart till he croaks. OK, I am thru ranting. I just can't wait until he has to do this stuff himself...of course, he always says he does things better than us, he hates our food, yada yada yada. Go for it old man. And remember, no one will be here to remind you that a soak in the hot tub does NOT equal a BATH. Pfffftt! I feel for the stupid ugly fat dog...he may never get another bowl of water. Oh well, and so it goes.

Well, I hafta go shower and get ready for my doctor appointment. I need maintenance prescriptions for like 6 meds...I have three months which was my last order from the rat bastards at Cigna. I start my Valley Baptist coverage now. Pays better than the rats anyways.
Just hope this is not too much for the doc to write...and too bad if it is! I'm on a roll!


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