The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I am sorry I have been out of it... literally, for four days with the most wicked flu bug I have ever had. Thank goodness it didn't do what it usually does, morph into pneumonia like it normally does. It started Saturday and I finally came back to this world around noon today when the fever broke. I actually did make my guitar lesson on Monday, sitting in a dining hall chair for THREE hours ....but what the heck we learned I have no clue, I was out somewhere circling jupiter. Man. I haven't been this sick since I babysat Janice's kids and I caught pnuemona and laid in bed for four days before one of my "neices" decided to peek into the room I was in to check to see if I was dead yet. Same thing here...I had to call Paul on the freaking phone so he would come in and give me something so I could stop the chills. Zack called and I complained to him and then he called Paul and I guess told him I was really sick and he needed to check on me. I guess it made Paul feel guilty and he did come and check on me more frequently. I guess he thought I just wanted peace and quiet. The first temp he took after I had taken tylenol was 102. I guess he thought I was faking or something, who knows.

Well, Santa Claus is Coming to town is on TV so I gotta go...



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