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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well, yesterday the poor woman who is to be my new primary care doc got to meet me. I say "poor" cause I don't know if she knows what to make of me yet...all she kept saying was...."really" or "seriously" when we discussed my various afflictions. We did the obligatory blood work, urine test, etc. She did tell me that my cymbalta has probably contributed to my inability to lose that stubborn rotten #)($)(#*$# 20 lbs I have managed to slap on my butt. *Sigh*.

I have been practicing my fingers are feeling a bit on the sore the teacher said they would followed up by a "tough, get used to it" comment. I have now learned, well er, shall we say, I can "do" 6 chords. I can sing and play Honkey Tonk Angels, the Kitty Wells version, all by myself with just a bit of fumbling around really really badly. Practice makes perfect so I guess I just have to keep plugging away.

I am still searching for the Christmas spirit. Is there such a thing? I used to have it in freakin' October, now it's hard to come by. Maybe because I can't do the things I used to love to do. Bake, make candy, gingerbread creations, all the stuff that made the holidays so much fun...well fun to eat anyways.

This year I did make a batch of fruitcake...don't know how it will turn the time I had the fruits prepared and soaking in brandy it was a whole week before the cakes were made....thanks to the flu. The raisins had soaked up so much brandy, Paul kept adding more. By the time I added the fruits to the batter the raisins turned it dark! It was ripe right out of the oven!

The tree has finally been finished but Pepi and Snickers have ransacked the town I had so laboriously put together underneath it...rotten flea bitten creatures. I am gonna have Zack fetch it outta there and we'll set it up on a table in the Texas room. We are planning an open house for Christmas night...we never really do too much entertaining during the holidays anymore and I figured folks could use a bite after such an early noontime Christmas Dinner. I will have fruitcake, rum cake, Mexican Hot Cocoa, Christmas punch, and some lite appetizers like sausage balls, hot crab dip, cheese tray, some sliced baked ham and little rolls and maybe a relish tray. I have added a request for Christmas cookies on the invite or a Christmas speciality to be brought along. Should be fun unless Paulie turns into the Grinch again like he usually does.

Well, not much else going on...a cool front has moved in along with some rain and it should be more seasonal....highs only in the low 70's... the hot has been nice tho...with that nice breeze, it really doesn't seem 90 at air, just keeping the windows open lets the cross breeze keeps things comfy.

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