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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, November 29, 2007


The tree is up, but is nekked except for the lights that came on the tree. I have set up my Santa collection on the top of the TV wall bookshelf thingy. I found Catherine's manger set but it is not one I recall her using. She had a very old ceramic set but I think that perhaps when they downsized she must have given it away. This set is like a dark pewter with glitter...she must have gotten this in Mexico years ago when they used to come down to the RGV for the winter. I have decided to set up my mismatched Christmas village under the tree since we don't think Santa is going to be bringing any packages...envelopes perhaps, but no biggies to fit under the tree. We are just going to give Zack some gift cards along with the traditional underpants, socks and handkerchiefs...its tradition from Grandma Catherine and a good one I think. She always got both Paul and Zack these needed items that one never buys for oneself.

Paul found me a used guitar stand at a pawn shop and we got a real deal on a music stand from the music shop in town that we have been to 6 times and they have been closed. So...all set for my beginning guitar lessons with the geezers at the Alamo Rec RV park.

We went to the Elk's club for dinner....Thursday is chicken fried steak and it was really good...the local "guys" from the lodge provided some nice country music and even did some Cajun numbers.

We finally decided to make fruitcake. My mom was disappointed that I wasn't gonna make it...the stuff I need is not easy to find down here until now. I usually make the cakes in October and no later than the first weekend in Nov. They are nice and mellow sitting in their weekly brandy showers by Christmas. I did give away my treasured pans (thinking I'd not make them again....*sigh*) but all I need is to borrow an angel food pan for the large cake and do a large loaf. The two cakes together weigh about 20 lbs they are so laden with fruit. I don't care for citron so I use candied pineapple and cherries, chopped apricots, dried cranberries and cherries and a whole pound of pecans and a pound of both white and dark raisins. It is like a white fruitcake, very similar in texture to a wonderfully dense pound cake with the fruit. Delish. I know a lot of folks make fun of it, but I bet they NEVER had a really good homemade one. I don't care for the molasses and rum type cakes...but in a pinch will suffer thru a piece. I will also make stollen for Christmas morning, a simple Bacardi rum cake and brown sugar choc chips. I may make some spritz if I can find someone with a cookie press, and what would Christmas be without pizzeles? Paul sold my pizzele maker....and those were his favorite! If I do one thing per day, I can handle things...mornings should be ok and then I can rest in the afternoon. No candy this year...we can't have it (except grandpa) but I can have grandpa make Hank Kerr's microwave peanut brittle. Zack certainly won't be eating anything sweet...he'll save his calories for his Jack and coke.

Well, the weekend is upon us again, and I am looking forward to going to the farmers market...the grapefruits are ready!



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