The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
Our home on wheels

Monday, November 26, 2007's Monday already. For Thanksgiving we did go to the hall with 300 other folks for what turned out to be a nice dinner. Of course, I hated the turkey,(dry), the stuffing(cornbread, ick) and mashed potatoes(which I practically had to restrain the dufus serving that I DIDN"t want...) but everyone brought a dish or two and it was an incredible site to see all this food laid out. I found one or two things I liked (sweet potato casserole and raspberry cobbler) and was content. LOTS of green bean casseroles, peas and carrots in cream sauce (blech!)

Friday, Paulie and I did venture out to Wally World to get some DVD's so we could continue our transfer of VHS to DVD project...and for the 4th time I went to the music store to get a guitar stand and a music stand and it was closed! Maybe he took the weekend off.

Saturday we just kinda puttered and then went to dinner at the Elks. Prime Rib. Worstest prime rib I have ever eaten, and I am NOT making this up. Ugh. Never again...I just get a baked potato or something from the salad bar. Ick Ick Ikc.
I did sing two songs and they were well received by the crowd. We all went back to Bev's house afterwards except for Paul the poop. Not kidding...he had salad and had to use the bathroom immediately.

Sunday was a bad day for me...I slept alot and later it rained. Paul went to play Mexican Train, Grandpa was watching some slasher movie and I just read in the bedroom. We found our that one of the resident's here died Sunday morning so our dinner with Bev and the gang was cancelled for Sunday evening.

I am planning on putting up the tree tonight. Zack usually sets it up for me, but that's not gonna happen so I better ask Scrooge.

Well, not much else is going on...we finally have sun and 70's again but this weekend is looking nasty...rain and 60's again. Oh well, it is better than snow and biting cold wind!



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