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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Geez, arn't y'all lucky today!?!

Two posts from me...

OK, so I'm reading the boards and see the post about how to store DVDs. I get inspired (which is really rare these days ) and made Paulie dig out the VHS/DVD player/recorder out for me. He bought this for me four years ago so I could transfer all our vhs tapes to DVDs. Ok, so some stuff got in the way , like knitting, soap operas, rv trips, yanno...the normal important stuff. Well like I said, I never used it, we never even hooked it up 'cause the kid went off to college and who else is capable of adding another "thing" to the Dish/TV/DVD components?I read the instructions or should I say I paged thru the manual at least 5 times and NOWHERE did I find out how to transfer the video to the DVD. Paulie and I had some spicy conversations (read: bad words for each other!) trying to figure this out. Finally I got on line and did a search on the model etc and found some feedback on buyers of this damm guy lost his manual and asked on a board how to do the video to dvd thing. I just about stroked was there all along under, get this, DUBBING. I don't think of myself as a stupid person, actually for someone who has medical issues and spends alot of time visiting brainfog land, I do quite well.DUBBING...isn't that like voice overs on tapes and tv shows and movies? Grrrrrr. I killed a whole afternoon missing the instructions cause it was called DUBBING, not what a normal thinking person would look for...something like "How to transfer Video to DVD" or something equally intelligent and understandable to the normal NON-geeks of the world? Ok, I am done ranting.Now all I have to do is find the video thingy where you put the 8MM tapes in so you can watch 'em on the VHS so I can covert these also.I give up. 6 plus years of college and grad school did nothing for me...well, I did study marketing...hmm...maybe I'll "market" a how to for dummies on DUBBING.

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