The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, November 16, 2007


Nothing new here at this point in laptop is still in shambles, I could write a book about this experience. I can't add much to Grandpa's computer and it is too slow to do anything other than get my email. Grrrrr. Hopefully I will be up and running again this week...have to figure out how to reload backup stuff without creating havoc with this piece of crap.

Sorry...not a happy camper....

Grandpa wants to eat Thanksgiving at "the hall" with everyone else. Crap. I had my face fixed for deep fried turkey, my stuffing, cranberries and pie...not see thru jello salad and cold pressed turkey. Hmmm, maybe I can change his mind? Do my own turkey on Saturday? Conflict with a 90 year old who has an extra set of stubbon genes (get the joke?) is a waste of energy and a certain trip to the medicine cabinet to get Maalox.



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