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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This has been one of the suckiest weeks since we have been gone....

As you may already have noted, I haven't posted for awhile....NOT MY FAULT.

Those boogers at blogspot lost my blog...canya believe that? It took three days of begging emails to get me back up and running.

I can't remember what we did the last few is rainy and cold and the weatherman is a dufuss. I can get "I think we're in for some change...." at home from Gus the guesser on channel 20....I don't need the hispanic twang to tell me they don't have a clue what the weather is gonna be.

Well, here's a run down of our last couple of days...

Sunday....I stole the car and went to McAllen....oh my what a beautiful mall...makes Springpatch look like Progresso....the Mexican side. Paul watched the game. I am a jinx so I stayed away until the last seven minutes.
Monday....rain....watched TV and took naps.
Tuesday...rain...watched TV and took naps. Paul did laundry. Leftovers for dinner. Ick.
Wed....rain...went to McAllen and walked the mall. Paul went to the Elks lodge and got an order of spaghetti to go....we all ate off one dinner, 5 bucks.

The wifi here in the park only works when it feels like it. I have this metal pie pan with an external access thingy plugged into it hanging in the front of the windshield. Some folks actually have slowed down to gander at it.

I think I am going to go to Walmart this evening. I finally picked up my knitting...a pair of socks on size ones; can't see the stitches so I think I'll get some of of those dollar magnifying glasses.
I also lost my needle gauge and guessing needle sizes just doesn't work.

OH least I am back up and running.

Rain tomorrow and Friday...maybe some sun expected on Saturday...yeah right. I am ready to go to Tampa...



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