The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
Our home on wheels

Saturday, January 20, 2007 6 the record breaking deep freeze in the RGV...

The rain, fog and cold makes one think they are in London, not 5 miles from the Rio Grande. I have been suffering with my meniere's since Thursday morning, thus no new postings on the blogger.

Good news...after two months we finally have the dish tv up and running. Paulie finally had to call in the dish guys to set up the dish correctly. It cost him $30 which just killed him. All I can say is thank goodness. I have set down the law tho....NO O'REILLY at 7 pm. No way am I gonna sit here and listen to that sexual pervert slam people who disagree with his right wing nazi politics...sorry if I offend some readers here...I have my own opinions and respect the rights of others to have differing ones, but that is one creep I just can't abide. 'Nough more politics.

Since I have been mostly sleeping off the dizzies, spins and doing the two step all through the rig I don't have much to report on here. No wonder I have bruises and aches all over my ass and hips. Not to mention the shins...they look like some brat of a kid kept kicking me. Or, maybe its The Polish Prince getting his licks in while I am asleep.

Grandpa and Paulie opened up a checking account for him here in Westlaco. This way if he needs to write a check, he has some cash in an account. We have to have the car inspected, licensed and registered in Texas before he can get his drivers license...then I guess he will be a real Texan, not just a winter Texan. I think he is getting excited about the move here. Paulie atually talked him in to going to the entertainment last night and he seemed to enjoy it. I enjoyed my time alone. I was able to watch HGTV for the first time in months! Paul was off doing his favorite thing, laundry...such nice thing that he likes to do laundry.

Don't forget to check out the pictures of the new house, our cruise and the Belize zoo.

We may be making the trip to Mission this afternoon to see Big Joe and the Polka Band. No beer for me today...I think one glass would do me in the way I am feeling.

Will update more later....


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