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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, December 29, 2006

Wednesday December 27, 2006

We are up at 7, and break camp. We stop at the local doc who had treated grandpa and pickup his blood test results for his PSA test. We are on Hwy 59 and heading to Kingswood which is a suburb of Houston. The doc that will give grandpa his shot is here so we need to stop for that. We get to Kingswood about 10 and it takes about an hour for the doc to review the test results and administer the shot. Before we set off again, we have a quick lunch. We get back on 59 and brace for the trip thru Houston. Surprisingly we have no problems and breeze thru town. We will stay on Hwy 59 for quite a while and then catch Hwy 77. The sun is shining and the temp is in the high sixties. Nice.

We stopped for lunch. Had a bit of a snit...who me? A snit? I wanted to stop for lunch. OK...they want to eat in the rig. Heck...I have been a nice girl and have quietly sat in the back this entire trip. I am getting bored back here. You really can't SEE anything from the side windows and I get a crick in my neck cranning it to see out the front window. Grrrr.
We stop in a small town, name escapes me, but I remember the High School team names...Bulldogs. We park by the McDonalds, and Paul walks over to a Mexican resturant to see what the buffet has on it. Grandpa mumbles something about not being hungry, can't eat, we will be eating Mexican "down there". Hmmm. Why does this honk me off? Don't know, just did. There is another Texmex place across the street along with a BBQ place. Paul reports that he couldn't determine what was on the buffet...ok, let's forget that one...I vote BBQ. Paul says he doesn't care. Grandpa says whatever youse decide.... OK, BBQ it is. I decided...for everyone. We go in, and at the counter we review the menu. I order a BBQ brisket sandwich with beans and a diet coke. Paul and I can share. Grandpa acts like he can't read the menu so Paul reads it to him. My snit begins....finally he orders a BBQ wrap. A BBQ WRAP?!?!?! WTF? They have ribs, chicken, beef, pork and a bunch of other stuff and he orders a wrap? The little girl behind the counter goes to check if they have tortillas. Of course...they don't. He starts to whine about not being hungry, he doesn't like this kinda food, blah blah blah. So, me now in full snit, tell the girl to pack up my BBQ beef TO GO and mutter something under my breath like "I am gonna take this old fart DOWN..." which makes the girls behind the counter crack up. I tell Paul "pay her..." grab my bag and head out the door, leaving the two of them in my dust. I cross the street to get back to the rig. Grandpa must just KNOW by now that I am pissed. Paul hands him the keys and walks over to McDonalds. French Fries....he wanted french fries...fine, just SAY all you want is fries...this whiny old man shit just irritates the crap outta me! Back in the rig I eat my half of the sandwich all the while exclaiming how marvelous it is so tender and moist, so tasty, so flavorful. Paul just glares at me. Go ahead, foolish man...say something....NOT! I stew in the back seat the rest of the way.

We stop for the night in a little town called Sinton at an RV park called the hitching post. Grandpa is just exhausted(!) and lays down as soon as we get set up. Paulie and I sit in our new folding chairs out in the warm sun and soak up the sun and the breeze. I tell Paul that IF we go to Mexico...I WILL NOT SIT IN THE BACK ALL THE TIME! Just then grandpa shows up with Pepi. Before I go any further, I should tell you that since Pepi has come home from the vet where he was boarded, the old man has talked to the mutt as if they were talk, coocooing over this dog. I have said something several times about it and have been ignored. Nothing grates on my nerves more than this high pitch voice he has talking baby talk to a freakin' dog. I am NOT making this up. He is walking a fine line here. I vote to stop at a gas station and forget him. JUST KIDDING!!!! But he is getting on my nerves with this baby talk to the dog crap.

We decide to take a ride and see the town. Not much here. Not even a Walmart. We get some ice and head back to the rig and I make dinner...leftover ham, pineapple sauce, corn on the cob and cornmuffins. I made the corn muffins wrong and they stuck in the new silicone pan (nothing sticks to silicone, what the heck did I do?). We watched a bit of tv and turned in early.

We should be at our destination in Westlaco by lunch tomorrow.



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