The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, December 29, 2006

Tuesday December 26, 2006

Paul and grandpa are up and on the road to Houston with Zack by 7 am. I sleep in. I am really tired. After all the excitment of the cruise, getting reset-up and our parties, I am pooped. OK, so I am a wuss.

Paul and grandpa are back by 11:30. We sit outside and talk to our neighbor, Don. He is the President of the Escapee's Mexican Connection Chapter 8. He is telling us about the February caravan to central Mexico. It looks like a lot of fun and since the caravan is manned by volunteers, the cost is very reasonable...$30 per person and then the camping fees. Of course, this doesn't include meals or insurance or anything. Still seems like a good deal. We will talk about it I guess.

A very quiet day. We will be breaking camp in the morning and heading south. Paul and grandpa go to play poker and I start the stowaway process...

We have a quiet night and hit the sack.



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