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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monday continued... December 11, 2006

Paul and I ventured out into the monsoons to get a bag of flour. I am going to make Scottish shortbread cookies...flour, sugar and butter. I have three pounds of butter that we took from the will just go to waste when we have to store the RV during the cruise. I will use one pound for the cookies and then I will most likely give the other two to out neighbors before we leave for Houston on Friday. We stopped at CVS and I found a nice small Christmas tree for the rig. You should have heard Paul the Scrooge bitch about how much it cost...$10. Jeesh. We also stopped at the post office to check to see the the part for the scooter is there. It arrived at Tom's house the day we left New Orleans. Yep, Tom being a good guy sent it priority mail and it was there. Back at the rig, I made the cookies and Paulie fixed the scooter. Yeah, I will have my scooter so I won't miss out on any shore trips that require a lot of walking. I am very happy. We willl just have left over pasta for supper. We need to get the fridge empty before Friday.

Then after dinner we were off to dessert and coffee, to be followed by a Christmas concert at the activity center. A very nice crowd showed up and there were plenty of goodies to go with coffee. I didn't have anything...I was still stuffed from dinner and I don't need the extra calories. Plus, I don't need to have a dumping episode. At seven, the Livingston Community Orchestra began a wonderfully entertaining concert. They played for almost an hour and did a variety of Christmas arrangements. They were certainly a lot better than we had anticipated as Livingston is quite a small town. Looking at the program and seeing all the names listed, we could see that a lot of folks were from the surrounding areas and there were several who drove over an hour from Houston. They were quite good. The SKiPs collected $400 in contributions to thank them which they can use for music and instruments.

After the concert, we took grandpa back to the rig and then headed to the club house to go watch the Bears. Since we learned that our satellite is a no-go, we had to find a place to watch the game. They have cable and two tv's. By the time we got there, the Rams had scored a TD but blew the extra point. The Bears defense looked pretty lame. There were three other gentlement watching...none of us have a dish. Two guys left fairly early and it was just me, Paulie and another very interesting gentleman who was also born in St. Louis and then moved to Chicago. Poor guy...should have kept up his Cardinal fan me he is a lost Cubbie soul, destined to have his heart broken very stinking year. *Sigh*.

Well, the real Rex Grossman showed up and the Bears had quite an offense going. The defense didn't have a stellar effort but were good enough to win the game. Devon Hester(strange name for a football player, no? ) is such fun to watch. He is absolutely fast. Two kickoff returns and 14 doesn't get better than that!



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