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Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday December 11, 2006

Well, today I have had an epiphany…Saturday afternoon, we went to the Downtown Hometown Christmas in Livingston. This appears to be a very, very poor kinda town. The band was playing Christmas carols and someone was singing way off key. The craft booths were pitiful…at least compared to the stuff we saw at the Muskegon Celebration. There seemed to be only one crafter with any talent at all….she made wreaths and they were quite attractive. I wouldn’t pay $40 bucks for one, but then again I am pretty cheap. After visiting the booths, we were off to find a restaurant and have an early dinner/late lunch. I was thinking a hot bowl of soup would be good. While out, we decided to find the Vet place where the furkids will be boarded and look for a place to eat. We found the Vet but there didn’t seem to be anywhere to eat out there that appealed to grandpa. Don’t get me started. So I suggested the Texas Pepper, advertised as a “family” restaurant…figured we could get soup, salad and maybe a blt or something simple. Well, it turns out it has highly priced Tex-Mex dishes…a few steaks and of course the ever present chicken fried steak. Paul and I split a burger and fries, grandpa ordered a burger and onion rings. The hamburger was just so-so and the fries and onion rings were cooked along with the burritos, charos and taco chips…ick. They tasted like greasy tortilla chips. Like I said, …ICK.

Today, we are kept in by torrential rains. This weather has sucked since we got here last week. At least it is gonna be warm today. I volunteered to make cookies for the Livingston Municipal Band concert here tonight. Paul and I will drop off the plate then go over to the clubhouse and watch the Bears on the big screen. Today we stopped at a local dish network place and it has been determined we will NEVER get in the satellite service…the box and the dish itself are incompatible. Crap. I get so irritated with this stuff. Everyone in the park has a dish and we are the only ones who can’t get it to work. Grrr…

Well, grandpa is still sleeping….he did go out with Paul for a ride this afternoon, but he has only been awake for perhaps 4 hours at the most in the last three days. He does have a doctor appointment to have his psa checked on Thursday so maybe the doctor can tell us if there is something wrong with him or he’s turned into Rumplestilsken.

Let’s hope the real Rex Grossman shows up for the Bears game tonight. All over the Houston paper was the story of Vince somebody who was a local kid a star at Texas, the Texans football team passed him over in the draft and he went to New Orleans and is now according to these people, the second coming of Christ….I am NOT making this up. Apparently he will lead NO to the next 10 superbowls he is so wonderful. Yeah. Right.




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