The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thursday December 28th.

Heading South to the Boarder...

We left the Hitching Post right around nine. Grandpa and I talked about sitting shotgun. I quite frankly told him that if we go to Mexico, there is no way I am going to sit by myself in the back of the rig the entrie trip. We tried to put one of our new folding chairs in between the two front seats but it was too big. If I have to BUY a comfy chair that fits in that space I will do so. For now, grandpa has agreed to share the shotgun and co-pilot seat. As we make our way south, he says I can sit up front. Grandpa is having a stomach problem so he has planted himself in the bathroom. Sure hope he has good balance...doing anything in the bathroom while cruising down the road at 65 is a challenge. We see diesel fuel for $2.25 and make a beeline to get it. Wow, that's the lowest we have seen for at least a year or more.

Grandpa lays down on the couch and we proceed south to Brownsville. At Brownsville, we catch Hwy 83 and are close to our destination. I was hoping to get in some driving today, but the wind is blowing so incredibly hard, I pass. It is all Paul can do to keep it on the road. There are wind advisory's as the Valley is getting the tail end of the huge storm that is pounding Colorado.
We pull into Rio Valley Estates at 11:45. Uncle Ben is waiting for us. Paul unhooks the car and eases into lot #15, our home for the next month or more. Nice little park. I barely got the slides out getting set up when I hear Paul yell for me to get a towel and washcloth. Grandpa fell down in the street. Apparently the wind blew off his hat and he tried to run after it. He fell face first onto the ashphalt and messed up his face. really really bad. It looks as if someone had beat the crap outta him. There are pictures below. Uncle Ben advises to call an ambulence as the wait at the hospital emergency room would be all day. They arrive and proceed to clean up the old guy. He doesn't need stitches but boy is his face a mess. He also hurt his knee and shoulders with scrapes and we think his big toe is broken. It is huge and purple/black. We get him back into the rig after the medic leave and put ice and wet clothes on his face. It is now almost two and we haven't had lunch so Paulie spreads out the leftover shrimp, and some cheese and crackers. Uncle Ben looks great...he has lost about 50 pounds and seems to walk better. He is waiting on some test results from an MRI on his knee and tells us it is giving him some trouble. Paul and I finally give grandpa a vicodin and lay him down. He is out quickly. We make our way to the office to pay and sign in. There are about 15 mobile homes for sale so I check out the listings on the office wall. Two folks from Minnisota arrive and we chat for awhile. Very nice folks, fulltimers who rest up here in the RGV for about two months each winter. Paul and I go back to check on grandpa. Still out like a light. We get back in the car and head to Walmart to get some groceries and supplies. We take grandpa's glasses which have been mangled in the fall to see if we can get replacments. At Walmart I stop in to have a nail color change while Paul deals with the eye glasses. Afterwards, we shop and can't decide what to make for dinner. Paul and I are sure that grandpa won't be able to eat much...he also has a swollen we decide on pasta with meat sauce which we know he will eat as it is soft. Back at the rig, he is awake but can't walk. I hate to say this but I am really not looking forward to this...even he admits he is a baby when he hurts or is sick. I just know this is gonna drag out forever. *sigh*. Uncle Ben comes over and invites me and Paul to "happy hour"...a group gets together each day with cocktails and visit for a while. We had a nice time. After it gets dark we go back to the rig and we have a beef sandwich. Grandpa won't eat anything, so we make him drink lots of water. We are watching to see if he needs to go to the never know at 90 what he could have hurt for gosh sakes.

I give grandpa another vicodin so he will sleep. Paul and I hit the sack early as we are both tired and just a bit overwhelmed by the events of the day. No rest for the wicked as they say. I think I am going to like it here. We are sleeping with the windows open. The wind is still howling but we don't care. We have no real plans for tomorrow and will see how grandpa feels. Maybe Ben can babysit him if Paul and I go out.



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