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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Friday December 29, 2006

Not much going on here in the Rio Valley Estates...we were up around 8 and had some coffee and bagels for breakfast. Surprisingly, grandpa is better this morning...he is even walking better on that bad toe. His face looks horrible. It's gonna take a while for the shiner to go away. After visiting with Ben for a while, we take off. Ben is off to see the doctor...they finally called about the MRI on his knee. We decide take a ride around Westlaco. We did have to go back to Walmart to order grandpa's glasses, and I needed to pick up some stuff we forgot yesterday. We had also purchased a water filter for the hose leading into the rig which leaked. After Walmart we tooled around for a while, just checking out where things are. We decided to stop for lunch and wanted some tacos...we pull into a taco place and go in. The menus are all in Spanish. Hmmmm, I order the special taco plate which has 4 tacos and some sides...what they are I haven't a clue. We are going to share the meal between the three of us. The waitress brings us three cups of frijoles...what we think is bean soup. We all dig in and wow, were we surprised! A bit of a kick in that there soup! She also sets down some tortilla chips, a very thin salsa and a bowl of lime wedges. Lime wedges? We ask the waitress what the limes are for and she tells us for the chips! Hmmm, ok. Then she brings out the tacos...just sliced skirt steak on wilty taco shells and a huge baked potato with butter, sour cream and cheese. Not your Taco Bell takeout tacos to be sure. They were very tasty and the potato was really good. After lunch we did some more sightseeing and wound up back at the rig. I needed a nap in the worstest way so I laid down. Paul woke me up about six. Uncle Ben will be joining us for pasta. He is now in a brace on his bad leg from ankle to thigh...his knee was broken and it took two weeks after the MRI to get the results. Poor guy. The pasta was good and we enjoyed the food and the company. After dinner, Ben went back home and Paul got the laundry started in at the park laundrymat. He came back and picked me up and we folded clothes together while talking to friends on the phone. After finishing the laundry we head back to the rig and put everything away. By this time its bedtime so another day in the life of RV'ers has come to an end. Don't know whats on tap for tomorrow.



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