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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sunday November 26, 2006

Poor Paulie…he tries soooooo hard. He has a couple of other Rv’ers helping him to set up this stupid dish. Every Rv’er in the freaking world has a dish satellite hooked up and running. Except us. Bummer. One fella brought over his signal finder and attached to the dish, it shows at least a 70% signal but the satellite strength on the TV is zippo. *Sigh*. No Bears game today unless we hit some kinda sports bar. Grandpa wants to go fishing in the pond, convinced that he can get dinner. We could send him down to the river which is right out the door but he won’t pop the $5 for the license. He took off on MY scooter…the one I haven’t even USED yet…oh well, he breaks, he BUYS ME A NEW ONE!

Paulie is on the phone with Dish. I hate these people. As soon as he is done we will be off into Memphis. First item…Walgreens…I need refills on two scripts. Just plain forgot to do it before we left. Nothing that I can’t live without. The expensive little Purple pill Nexium and a bity thing for high blood pressure which is stupid cause I don’t HAVE high BP. Argh.

We slept til about 9 and grandpa was already up. He had turned on the coffee pot, as I had kindly premade it last night before I went to bed.
I sure do make good coffee, if I say so myself.

Paulie went to get us some cream for the coffee (as he forgot the one at home that I bought). He brought a Memphis paper and a couple of sweet rolls. Of course, grandpa took the apple one and then bitched about how lousy it was. Sometimes…..he just irritates the crap outta me.

Paulie and I are off in the car about 11 am. We head first to the visitors center and pick up a few brochures. Then we find Beale Street. Very picturesque…and disgusting in the daylight. Delapilated store fronts, actually bar fronts, peeling paint and an ATM on every corner. There were lots of places to eat and the smells were fantastic. Since I am not a good walker yet, we only went up two blocks and then back on the other side. We stopped at The Pig’s…BBQ with an attitude. We split a pulled pork with beans and fries. Memphis BBQ is unique, it has a vinegar base almost. The sweet sauce was great. Even the beans had vinegar in them. We really enjoyed our lunch which we followed up with a renowned southern fired peach pie. Of course, I had to take a pain pill…swilled down with a Killian’s Red…it hit pretty fast. The I had a stupid hot flash. Hmmmm, maybe related to the pill and the beer?

We walked back to the car and started our quest to find both a Walgreen’s and a grocery store. We had to get one of my refills….oooops. Guess I blew that one. We finally got back to the RV park around 3 pm.

Remember earlier when I lent grandpa my scooter and said he’d have to buy me a new one if he broke it? Well, guess what. He broke it. Snapped the go forward lever right off. I am not a happy camper…we called the scooter store and all they could do was have someone call us on Monday. Crap.

After I took a ‘lil nappie, Paulie made us a nice dinner of steak, baked potato and corn along with a salad. Quite tasty. He is so good to us.

Well, we saw the last ugly minute of the Bears game. That damm Grossman. What a putz. He needs a sports psychologist. The same guy never shows up to the game for chrissakes. That’s why I hate getting to involved watching sports. My team always breaks my heart. We will just watch a bit of TV tonight…Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal are on. At least we’ll get a few laughs tonight.
Here are a couple of photos of the Mississippi about 20 feet from our campsite at Tom Sawyer's RV park in West Memphis, AR.

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