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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday....Grand Haven

One of my fav towns. I just love the quaint shops and bistros. I am sitting inside the Coffee Grounds sucking down a frozen mocha. OK, forget I said that, they are banned from my consumption list. This morning we went to the Muskegon farmer's market. What a great selection of stuff...all fresh and locally grown. I bought some of the last strawberries of the season and some rhubarb. You know what I'll be doing this afternoon when we get home. Grandpa and Paulie are sitting outside in the sunshine but I couldn't see the computer screen so I am inside the coffee shop. Gosh I love the smell of fresh coffee. I think we will just rest here for a while and then head back. I am itching to sit on the beach and get some sun, with sunscreen and a hat on of course. I am feeling better than yesterday, but I still have the remains of that freaking migrane. Enough malady talk.

The pooper guy, the honey wagon came this morning just in time. Paulie asked him if he had emptied our black water tank last week and he said no. I was way can grandpa and I fill up the 40 gallon black water tank in less than a week...all interesting stuff for my readers I always say. Well, I guess I don't have a whole lot to say today. I will try to get some pictures...crap, forgot the camera. It figures. I am a bust when it comes to photos.


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