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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I just finally got to Barnes and Noble, by myself, so I could do some surfing and updating. Still can't figure out what the hell I did to the blog format. Oh still works.

Go to Sunday entries to catch up.

I am also going to post some more pictures on yahoo photos so click here

better yet, bookmark that so I don't have to keep posting the darn thing, LOL!
I got tired of editing to add photo names so the ones that aren't named are of the area near the submarine. I can't remember the stupid name off the top of my head

Paulie is working the Elks pancake breakfast and there are some photos of the flipperman himself there. Also, the campsite...I really shouldn't post them as we look like a bunch of hillbilles or heaven's...trailer trash! Blame Paulie...he set it up...I just provided the props.

We are going to Larry's parents for a cookout. I am going to try to make some brushetta...hope the bread isn't green...I bought it about 6 days ago. Hmmm.

Hey, the hearing aid is working out...if I lean my head near metal like getting outta the car, it buzzes... I can now hear an ant fart. I gave Zack fair warning on the phone last night...under the breath comments are now at his own risk...hahaha...
more later..


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