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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Muskegon MI

A note about Tuesday…

As I wrote last night, Paulie and grandpa had vanished. I figured VFW or Elks. At almost 1 a.m.(!) they waltz, or should I say stumble in? They went to mail off some bills, hit a few golf balls and saw all the cars at the Elks. So they go in, local Elks buy them drink after drink and then they started playing dice. Yep. Gambling. Grandpa won $25. Paul lost (prolly $25!). Grandpa was so excited he couldn’t contain himself. Finally about 1:20, Paul does his thing and we make up the bed. I tell him that he needs to be careful driving after a drink (or two…right). They were only down the road, but heck, this is Michigan!


This morning, I felt like I’d been beaten and then thrown in front of a truck. I guess I am in the middle of a good old flare with my fibro/chronic fatigue. Then throw in the rain/sun/rain/sun/rain weather for my Meniere’s and I am worthless. Truly worthless. OK, not that kinda worthless people! I just have to sleep. I slept most of the afternoon and evening, then all night. I got up this morning, made a protein and back to bed I went. The dish guy showed up this morning so we now have our satellite set up. Thank God. The only signals we’re getting were from Milwaukee…yep, Milwaukee way across the big lake! It kept cutting out, so I would search all 60 channels and get zip. What a wonderful thing dish TV is!

I did crawl outta bed to take a shower and then have half a sandwich. I am not up to going out, but Paulie and grandpa are off to explore more of the big lake. I told them to scout out fishing spots so I can get rid of them for a couple of hours. Now that I have TV I can watch either east or west coast soaps, OR watch on Soapnet in the evening. Kewl. There’s gotta be something wrong with me that I have to keep up with these stupid things! The only one I care about is General Hospital; I can take or leave the other two.

Just talked to Suzie and she is going to make us fresh salmon on the grill tonight. Should be good although I am overly fond of salmon…but I am always game to try something new.

Well, I am going to take some pain relievers and lay down again. This overwhelming fatigue is a killer. Who can sleep 18 hours a day? Me.



Tuesday continued…

Dinner was fabulous at Suzie and Larry’s. I have tried salmon a gazillion times and this is the first time I actually liked it! It was fresh sockeye salmon filets that had been marinated. Very tasty so I will have to try this myself. We had some delish strawberry cake that had been served at Suzie’s girlfest the night before. It too was wonderful. It was just a bit too cool out on the deck after the sun went down so we went inside. We viewed the DVD of Sue and Lar’s 25th Anniversary and renewal of vows ceremony. It was lovely. Then we watched a DVD of a four part series on RV’ing that appeared on the Today show awhile back. It was about a middle-aged man who with his adult kids, go on a road trip with his elderly parents. Very entertaining and really a great look at a family’s dynamic. Suzie gave me a copy of the book which contains the DVD. I can’t wait to read it.

We left about 10:15. The sprinklers were on in the front yard, but Grandpa and Paulie said oh no, don’t turn them off…its only water, we can handle this, etc, etc. Typical manly talk. I lead the way and as I round the corner of the sidewalk, I notice the sprinkler head is quickly turning towards the sidewalk. I actually sped up (just think a moment on this mental picture). Grandpa was right behind me, talking and laughing. All of a sudden, grandpa lets out a high pitched yell, quickly followed by Paulie bellowing. The sprinkler head, which was really a very forceful jet type of water faucet thingy had hit both of them square in the cahones. Full force. First it got grandpa then immediately got Paulie! They screamed like little school girls. You shoulda heard them! Perhaps the water was cold? I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. I am NOT kidding. Suzie kept saying “I offered to turn them off but nooooo….!” It was really the highlight of my WEEK. I just wish I had a movie camera…I’d be ten thousand dollars richer. Hello AFV?

I laughed all the way back to the rig as they complained how cold they were and how they would never be the same again…can somebody say skrinkage?

We watched a bit of TV and then hit the sack. We are planning a day trip north tomorrow. More later.


I woke up still thinking and laughing about the water jet thing last night. I had actually dreamt that it had snowed overnight! It was a bit cool temperature wise. Paulie the wuss turned on the heat when we got home.

Don’t know what the plan is today. Grandpa is still sawing logs back in the bedroom. Hopefully we will go near the water, someplace north of here.
I will write more later.



Its later, and we are just back from Holland. I bought a baby knitting book for an outrageous 14 dollars at a very nice yarn shoppe. We just walked around a bit. Neither grandpa or I are much into walking these days. We oogled a few shops and then went over to Holland Motorhomes to check something out with their service dept. Our batteries keep discharging and we are on shore must be the converter that is on the fritz. Paulie is gonna call Damon and get some expert help. There is a texas hold'em game tonight at the race track. A $55 buy in that both boys are considering. Hmmm.

well, grandpa is sitting in the car waiting as I write this. We are in a place called Travese Pie company. I ordered a frozen cocachino and got a Dipshit. Paulie told me to take it back but I hate to make waves. I drink it and fume about it all the way home. Grrr. The pies look amazing but who wants to pay $12 for a pie I shouldn't even be thinking about anyways? But they do have pot pies...get this...,prime rib pot pie.

Well, I gotta go...later dear readers for more adventures of the meandering seniors.



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