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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, June 30, 2006


Well, it is another beautiful day on the big lake. The big Summer Celebration has begun at the lakefront venues in Muskegon. There are some top acts coming to perform here such as Macy Grey and the Steve Miller Band. Sue tells us that these evening concerts are quite crowded so there isn’t really anyone we need to see that badly over the next week. There is a huge craft fair and a fine arts fair over the weekend. These are two things I’d like to do, however I don’t think the stinky boys will agree. For some reason handmade silver bracelets do anything for them. No class, either of ‘em.

Well, after days of goofing around with the inverter and the converter, Paul finally read the owners manual. Gee, and to think I mentioned that several days ago. The house batteries kept discharging. They were replaced, same thing. Obviously some serious electrical problem was occurring. I couldn’t understand why if we were plugged into shore power, we were using batteries. Hmmm. Doesn’t the shore power override the batteries? Ya think? Well, as I said, the light bulbs went on over the Ziaja men’s heads at long last. The batteries should be switched to the “store” mode. Go figure. Something so easily taken care of by reading and understanding the owner’s manual escaped our two resident geniuses for days. Ok, enough sarcasm but it really does feel good to know that I at least tried to solve the problem in the normal way…READING DIRECTIONS for heaven’s sakes. Why do men stoutly refuse to do the obvious? Is this a genetic flaw or merely missing brain cells?

I heard from the kid in Geneseo, my old laptop has been fixed. $130 bucks instead of $330 from HP. Hmmm can we say rip-off? Slight problem, the dreaded blue screen of death appeared after he booted up for the second checkup. Grrr. Not that there was anything on it that I had to save, most of my files have already been transferred when I bought the new one at Best Buy. The kid assured me the hard drive was fine; there must be a corrupted file in the boot up. OK, I can deal. This will now be the Paulie laptop. I won’t be able to fix it until we get home and I can find the recovery disk.

An update on the pain meds situation. Michigan will not fill “controlled substance” scripts from docs outside MI. OK. Let me suffer. I called our Walgreens and they will fill it in Springfield and I will have Zack pick it up over the weekend. He can send it to me on Monday. I will be ok until then, I think. There’s always a way to dull the pain with liquor right?

Well, I need to shower and I think I am gonna steel the car and go shopping. I suppose the old farts will want to tag along. I now understand Catherine’s complaint. How can you enjoy looking around and window shopping when somebody is waiting for you in the car? It happened yesterday when I was dumping the blog at the cafĂ©. I couldn’t even double check anything as both old farts were sitting in the car watching me. Argh. Yeah, that’s it, they’re gonna let me take the car. When pigs fly. I did see an ad for a lighted palm tree like ours at a place called Younkers. Like Famous Barr or Macy’s I think. Hmmm. One is a great magnet, two would be dynamite.

I will try to post more later. I am going to find out about air cards so I can access the net anytime, anywhere.



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