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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day 17 continued...

We decided to go off to explore Geneseo after breakfest. I needed to find an adapter for my printer cable to change from a pin plug to a USB plug. We stop at Radio Shack. Paul had to rush back to the campground as he thinks he threw away the existing printer cable along with the trash. Dufus. I inquire at Radio Shack if there is such an adapter, and yes there is. Unfortunately, there was only one in stock and it was sold. I go down the street to a computer store and check with them. Nope. No dice. Paul comes back and we head to WalMart. I check to see if they have any of these adapters. Nope, no dice again. The price of the Radio Shack adapter is $35. I bought a new printer for $29. Of course, I had to buy a USB cable, which cost about $14. I lose money, but I now have a newer printer. I hate how fast technology changes everything so quickly. By the time you get the item home it's totally obsolete. I will try and return the ink cartridges that were with the printer...hopefully, I can recoup some money on those.

After spending mega bucks at WalMart, we go to a brand new Mexican restaurant that has opened on main street in town. It was quite busy, but we were seated fairly quickly. The food was very good. Very authentic flavor. I hate the over spicy garbage most places serve. As grandpa and I were leaving as Paulie paid the check, I missed the step outside the door and almost fell on my bum. How embarrassing. A young woman walking by the place almost had a stroke she was so freaked. I twisted my right knee (so what else is new!) and also once again threw out my right shoulder. I did manage to hand on to my doggie box. Geesh. Paulie would never have forgiven me if our leftovers had landed on the street.

Back at the campground, Paul goes off to plaly Mexican train with other club members, grandpa goes off fishing and I set up the new printer. Elizabeth Kerr comes over and we visit for awhile. Grandpa rushes into the rig swinging a huge catfish he had just caught in the canal. Elizabeth and I screech at the sight of this fat fugly catfish. He tells us how this fish pulled him into the canal after breaking his line. He is soaking wet so I guess the fish gave him a really good fight. He goes off to show off his prize fish to the group. I am starting to feel the incoming rain and dropping barometer. After Elizabeth leaves, I try to lay down and nap. My knee is hurting, my hip is also hurting and I am miserable. I can't seem to get comfortable so I get up and take a pain med. I plop into the recliner and read the Davenport paper.

Everyone was going into town for dinner, but since we had such a large late lunch we decide to skip dinner. Paul decides to go fishing, grandpa is napping while watching the news and I start nodding off in the recliner. Grandpa wakes up and we both eat the lunch leftovers along with a nice cold beer.

Not much on TV, and I am not going outside to get eaten by misquitoes. Paul goes to visit with the group, and I decide to find recipes for the potluck on the net. A very quiet evening for sure.

Well, its almost time to makeup the sofa bed. Paul is closing the windows as the humidity is getting oppressive. It is supposed to be 95 here tomorrow, and humid. Oh swell, my favorite kinda weather. Rain, humidity and heat.

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow. I need to get to the grocery store and get stuff to make for the potluck. I have decided to do some kind of jello thingy.

Well, off to bed.



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